Beer #270 - Baylands / Night Ryder

Beer #270 - W/C 27th April 2020

BREWERY // After 22 years working in IT, Aidan decided to follow his passion for beer and started brewing commercially in his double garage on Baylands Drive. He partnered up with with his friend (and former colleague) Steve and the rest is history. From their start in 2012, their beers quickly gained a following and with more than a few awards. They've scaled up a couple of times since then and the brewery is now based in Petone along with a tasting room where you can sample all their latest brews. The team are especially involved with the home-brewing community and always willing to share their knowledge and passion with home brewers. 

BEER // The first documented use of the phrase 'stout beer' dates from England in 1677 where the word was used in place of 'strong'. During the 1700s porter became extremely popular in London, especially with porters (hence the name). These dark, full flavoured brews kept for months without spoiling and were significantly cheaper than other beers. A 'stout porter' was simply a dark beer with relatively high abv. Today porter and stout are used interchangeably and nobody can really agree on the difference. Night Ryder is made with dark roasted malts which result in all manner of rich roast coffee, chocolate and molasses flavours. The addition of rye to the maltbill adds another level of complexity with a touch of spice while the oats give the beer a smooth mouthfeel.

BREWERY // Baylands
BEER // Night Ryder
STYLE // Chocolate Rye Stout
ABV //  5.8%
TEMPERATURE // Start cool (around 7C) and see how the flavour changes as it warms.
FOOD MATCH //  Potted crab. Venison stew. Strong cheddar on toast. Dark chocolate tart with lavender creme.
VESSEL // Dimpled Mug

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