Beer #267 - North End / Pit Boss

Beer #267 - W/C 6th April 2020

BREWERY // For the first couple of years of North End, Kieran Haslett-Moore contract brewed beers at friends' breweries. In 2015, North End completed the construction of their own brewery in Waikanae and haven't looked back. The brewery was joined by a tap-room and restaurant, Salt & Wood, making the Kapiti Coast a real destination for fans of good beer and food. Kieran has been a beer writer and competition judge for well over a decade so he has a pretty good idea about good beer. The other two North End partners were formerly a waiter and a chef and, as Kieran is a former cheesemonger, they are especially interested in food friendly beers with a gastronomic character. North End take inspiration from historic and unusual styles and we aren't expecting to see a Hazy IPA from them anytime soon. 

BEER // A long time ago, barley was roasted over open wood fires which imbued a smokey flavour into beers. Developments with malt kilns and fuel innovation two centuries ago meant that it was possible to roast 'clean' pale malts which were embraced by brewers across Europe heralding new, previously impossible styles such a Pilsner & Pale Ale. The brewers of Bamberg in Germany, however, saw no reason to change. They had been kilning with wood for well over four centuries and designed beers around the smokey character of their malt. The Franconian smoked beers (or Rauchbier) are still brewed today and taste pretty similar to what you may have drunk in 1387. North End took inspiration from those stubborn Germans as well as their own restaurant with its focus on slow cooked meats to craft a sweet, complex and satisfying Doppelbock. The Munich malt was smoked over Manuka wood in the restaurant's smoker. Pit Boss is a classic Doppelbock - a strong lager with rich, bready sweetness which perfectly compliments the smokey flavours to result in a unique yet awfully more-ish beer.

BREWERY // North End
BEER // Pit Boss
STYLE // Smoked Doppelbock
ORIGIN // Waikanae
ABV //  7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - around 8C
FOOD MATCH // Pulled Pork or Jackfruit Tacos. Bratwürst & Sauerkraut. Gingerbread. S'mores.
VESSEL // Dimpled Mug