Beer #258 - Arrogant Consortia / Enter Night

Beer #258 - W/C 3rd February 2020

BREWERY // Arrogant Consortia is a wholly owned imprint of Stone Brewing which grew from the iconic Arrogant Bastard Ale. The world-renowned brewery is well-known for waving the proud flag of independent craft brewing, while rallying against the bland, boring nature of industrialized, commoditized 'fizzy yellow beer.' Like so many of the best things in life, Arrogant Bastard Ale was a mistake. In 1995 Stone Brewing co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner were working on a recipe for Stone Pale Ale when a miscalculation resulted in an aggressively flavoured ale which was not at all what they were aiming for. The brand took on a life of it's own spawning various other beer progeny including Crime, Punishment and Bastard's Midnight Brunch until Arrogant Brewing broke free from Stone in 2015. This brewery is dedicated to creating aggressive beers not constrained by the walls of a single facility.

BEER // This beer represents the cataclysmic collision of two uncompromising supernatural forces. It's a crisp and refreshing pilsner that, much like the band, transcends genres, shatters preconceptions and challenges convention. A hoppy pilsner, played through a distortion pedal. Stone & Metallica have a lot in common - both are giants in their industries but have become so on their own terms, remaining fiercely independent. It was crafted as the ideal gig beer, brewed fresh and cold shipped to every city on their World tour ahead of their shows to be drunk at the stadiums. It is pale, crisp and refreshing as a classic German pils should be be with the hops turned up to 11 for a grassy, bitter twist. Three days after the New Zealand shipment left California, Metallica cancelled their Antipodean shows as James Hetfeild checked into rehab. It was a shame because we had a party planned and everything. But we're glad James focussed on getting back on track and look forward to them returning to Aotearoa. Best accompanied with loud music.

BREWERY // Arrogant Brewing & Metallica
BEER // Enter Night
STYLE // Pilsner
ORIGIN // Escondido, California
ABV //  5.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cold. 7 - 10C
FOOD MATCH // Hot Rogan Josh. Fish Taco's. Rich Brie. Bratwurst.
VESSEL // From the can