Beer #252 - Whistling Sisters / Red Pils

Beer #252 - W/C 23 December 2019

BREWERY // Russel & Elwyn Scott have been stalwarts of the Wellington hospitality industry since the 1980’s when they created The Backbencher pub (along with Wellington’s most fun political party). Whistling Sisters opened a couple of years ago, inspiration for the brewery (and name) came from their daughter Karen Louisa who passed away from breast cancer in 2015. That year, they established The Karen Louisa Foundation to support research into advanced breast cancer. The Foundation is managed by their younger daughter, Lisa, who also runs Whistling Sisters marketing. 20 cents from every bottle goes to the Foundation and they are looking at ways to scale that contribution as the brewery grows. The Scott’s partner is Bede Roe who had spent many years at Lion Nathan where he witnessed first hand the changing tastes moving away from bland, soulless macro beer toward more refined and flavoursome brews. The best place to drink Whistling Sisters beers is in their Wellington brewpub where interesting and experimental food is as important as the beer. A range of fermented and fusion gastronomic creations perfectly paired to your pint is always available.

BEER // The Pilsner style originated in Pilsen, Bohemia in 1838 when a Bavarian was hired to teach local brewers the German art of 'lagering'. Pilsners are a type of lager, as opposed to an ale, meaning they are fermented at a cool temperature ('lager means 'to store') with bottom fermenting yeast. This makes for a clean, crisp, refreshing beer. Pilsners are characterised by their pronounced hop bitterness and dry finish. This Red Pils uses red wheat, red barley and some roasted wheat in the mashbill alongside the German pilsner malt to give it a rounded body, a touch of sweetness and that beautiful hue. The combination of European (Hallertau Blanc) and NZ hops (Wakatu & Taiheke) give the beer a bright, bitter profile with citrus notes. A well balanced, modern take on an Old World classic.

BREWERY // Whistling Sisters

BEER // Red Pils
STYLE // Pilsner
ORIGIN // Wellington
ABV //  4.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cold - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Ethiopian Sweet Potato & Lentil Wat. Rich Brie. Bratwurst. Firecracker Latke Poppers.
GLASS // Pilsner Glass