Beer #236 - Nomad / Supersonic Rossa

Beer #236 - W/C 26 August 2019

BREWERY // Years ago, a triumvirate of beer experts came together in Northern Italy and made plans to open a new kind of brewery in Australia. Leonardo Di Vincenzo is the founder of Birra del Borgo (top 100 rated global brewery) and Kerrie & Johnny Latta import beers from around the world to Australia. They persuaded Brooks Carretta, Leonardo's brewing protege, to move from the mountains of Lazio to the beaches of Brookvale, Sydney. Brooks had two conditions "To never be restricted by fashions and trends and to use Australia’s amazing native ingredients". That was in early 2014 and since then we've seen beers made with Wattle Seeds, Lilly Pilly Fruit, Hibiscus Rosella and others aged in grappa barrels. Nomad have collaborated with breweries including Beavertown, Cigar City, Jester King and Stone. Nomad's beers were a hit at Beervana this month and we're looking forward to seeing more of their beer this side of the Tasman. Be sure to stop by the brewery for a beer in the Transit Lounge bar next time you're in Sydney.

BEER // Good Red IPA's have it all- bitterness, aromatic hops and malty caramel sweetness. The style is pretty new, having only been added to the Beer Judge Certification Program in 2015. The lines separating it from an American IPA and an American Amber are somewhat blurred. Beers in Nomad's seasonal Supersonic range are all big, resinous American inspired Double IPAs with a lot of citrus notes. Rossa is the first Red in the series and it could be the perfect Winter IPA. It's a beautiful deep ruby colour (looking forward to seeing your photographs this week) with aroma of candied orange. The malt bill gives the DRIPA rich smooth molasses flavours and the citrusy hops make for pronounced grapefruit notes and a long bitter finish.

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BREWERY // Nomad
BEER // Supersonic Rossa
STYLE // Red Double IPA
ORIGIN // Brookvale, Sydney
ABV // 7.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-11 C
FOOD MATCH // Blue cheese burger. Senegalese Fish Balls. Salt & vinegar crisps. Black Bean Soup. Oatmeal Cookies.
GLASS // IPA Glass