Beer #231 - Tinker Tailor / Salted Caramel Brown Ale

Beer #231 - W/C 22 July 2019

BREWERY // John, Tim & Erica launched Tinker Tailor 2 years ago as the only brewery in Porirua, Wellington. They officially launched at Beervana so if you're attending this year be sure to visit their stand and wish them Happy Birthday. Their name comes from the split personality approach they have to crafting recipes. The 'Tailor' beers are about perfecting and refining classic styles while the 'Tinker' releases are about playing with convention and embracing innovation and unexpected flavours. It's good fun to try their Tinker beers next to their Tailor counterparts and debate the relative merits of both. The Plimmerton brewery has a cellar door where you can meet the team and buy beer fresh from the tanks.

BEER // This beer was first created for Beervana 2018. Fortunately John didn't need much persuading to brew a new batch for us. In true Tinker Tailor style, this week's beer is the similar to last week's but re-mixed. They took the American Brown Ale and enhanced the sweet aspect of the style by tinkering with the malt bill. Inspired by every millennial's favourite sweet treat, salted caramel, they added a touch of Himalayan pink salt as a counterbalance. This luxurious caramelly biscuity beer is a true celebration of the wonder of malt. It's a really great beer to pair with food. And if you need to re-stock, you can always buy more Beer Of The Week in our webshop 🍻

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BREWERY // Tinker Tailor
BEER // Salted Caramel
STYLE // American Brown Ale
ORIGIN // Plimmerton, Porirua
ABV // 5.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar temperature - 12-15C
FOOD MATCH // Beans on Toast. Parmesan Popcorn. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Cheesecake. Rosemary Pepper Drop Biscuits. Aged Cheese.
GLASS // Shaker or Tulip Pint Glass