Beer #220 - Isthmus / No Man's Land

Beer #220 - W/C 13 May 2019

BREWERY // Hamish & Caroline are the husband and wife team behind Auckland's Isthmus Brewing. They launched in 2013 but took a hiatus due to the commitments of a growing family and Hamish being busy with his day job as head brewer at Deep Creek. When they told us they were releasing beers again, we immediately bagged cans for you Jerks. They take their name from Auckland's geography - an Isthmus is a narrow piece of land connecting two larger ones. They are committed to creating unique and flavoursome beers and we can't wait to see (well, drink) what they'll be releasing next. 

BEER // So, the thing is - no-one can really agree what an XPA is. Some brewers believe the 'X' to mean 'extra pale' or light in body, while others believe it means 'extra hoppy'. It's a bit of a no man's land (see what they did there?). The first example of the descriptor was in a beer from American brewery Deschutes which was made with an eXperimental hop that gave it it's name. This XPA from Isthmus is hoppier and less malty than a Pale Ale but not as alcoholic or bitter as an American IPA. Hamish used a NZ Pilsner malt to give the beer a light body that allows the hops to shine. The pale, straw coloured XPA is very easy drinking with a clean, crisp, dry finish. The heavy handed dosing of hops brings loads of beautiful citrus aroma and flavours - we get lots of lemon peel and grapefruit aroma and flavours. We look forward to hearing what you think on Untappd and in the Beer Jerk Members Facebook Group.

BREWERY // Isthmus
BEER // No Man's Land
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 4.7%
FOOD MATCH // Nachos. Spicy Tomato Linguini. Large Grilled Bratwurst. Carrot Cake Muffins.
GLASS // IPA Glass