Beer #208 - Bruery / Mischief

Beer #208 - W/C 18 February 2019

BREWERY // Patrick Rue started homebrewing as a distraction to the banality of law school. People liked his beers and he started racking up medals. Upon graduating, he decided to spend his time putting together a business plan for a brewery rather than study for the Bar exam. A decade later, The Bruery is admired the world over for their genre-tilting beers which take influence from the Belgian countryside, American distilleries and everywhere in between. About half their beers are aged in wine or spirit barrels. About 4 years ago, they launched the offshoot 'Bruery Terreaux' which focusses exclusively on wild fermented ales with a different brewteam working in a completely different brewery to eliminate the possibility of errant yeast effecting contaminating 'clean' beers.

BEER // Mischief is an outrageously American take on a Belgian Golden ale. Which basically means it has been expertly crafted with the addition of a load of hops. It is a beautiful example of the style with a pillowy head and characteristic yeast-forward aroma and flavour - pear, clove, bread and a little peppery spice. The generous dry hopping with American hops makes for resinous, grassy, grapefruit notes. Mischief is a full bodied, smooth, well balanced Belgo-American triumph. It's small wonder it picked up Gold at the Great American Beer Festival.

BREWERY // The Bruery
BEER // Mischief
STYLE // Belgo-American Golden Ale
ORIGIN // Orange County, California
ABV // 8.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar - 10-13C
FOOD MATCH // BBQ Pulled Pork. Grilled Asparagus. Duck & Ginger Chop Suey. Dark Chocolate
GLASS // Goblet