Beer #201 - Urbanaut & Yeastie Boys / Brucing with Stu

Beer #201 - W/C 31 December 2018

BREWERY // We love Yeastie Boys. Their iconic Gunnamatta was the first ever Beer Of The Week back in March 2015 when we had 6 members and we've eagerly anticipated every release since. The past few years have seen huge growth for the boys - Stu McKinlay & Sam Possenniskie - with intercontinental expansion seeing the contract brewery making beers in Australia, England and Auckland. 
Urbanaut arrived on the scene with a splash just 18 months ago with their beautiful Kingsland brewery and tasting room that was put together by friends Bruce, Thomas & Simon. Their beers now seem to be everywhere we look which is ideal as they are bloody excellent. Urbanaut brew for Yeastie Boys in New Zealand.

BEER // This collaboration brew is based on an historic style - Lichtenhainer - which was popular in central Germany in the late 1800s. It is traditionally a smoky, sour, light and effervescent beer. Doppelgänger brewers Stu & Bruce added lemongrass, juniper berries and a lot of meticulously barbecued lemons to the recipe to result in a refreshing, complex, light, tangy, sweet, smokey, sour beer that brings to mind char grilled lemon curd. But in a good way.

BREWERY // Urbanaut & Yeastie Boys
BEER // Brucing With Stu
STYLE // Lichtenhainer
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 4.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-11C
FOOD MATCH // A really good burger. Kimchi. Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni. Smoked Fish.
GLASS // Stange. Flute