Beer #199 - North End / Blanc du Houblon

Beer #199 - W/C 17 December 2018

BREWERY // For the first two and a half years of North End, Kieran Haslett-Moore contract brewed beers at friends' breweries. In 2015, North End completed the construction of their own 2400 litre brewery in Waikanae and haven't looked back. The brewery was joined by a tap-room and restaurant, Salt & Wood, last year making the Kapiti Coast a real destination for fans of good beer. Kieran has been a beer writer and competition judge for over a decade so he has a pretty good idea what he is doing. The other two North End partners were formerly a waiter and a chef and, as Kieran is a former cheesemonger, they are especially interested in food friendly beers with a gastronomic character. North End take inspiration from historic and unusual styles and we are especially loving their Salt & Wood range of beers. 

BEER // The white IPA is a collision of two distinct beer styles; the American IPA with its high hop character and the wheat-based Belgian Wit with its refreshing and spicy presence.Originally brewed for Beervana 2014 now a regular spring / summer seasonal, Blanc de Houblon is a perfect union of Belgian spice and exotic fruity New Zealand hop character. Blanc de Houblon meaning "The White Hop" pays tribute to the beer’s Belgian influence. Blanc de Houblon marries the citrus notes of coriander seed, the striking spice of the Trappist yeast strain that traces its origins to the Westmalle Monastic brewery and the lemony tropical fruit of a cocktail of New Zealand. 

BREWERY //  North End
BEER // Blanc Du Houblon
STYLE // White IPA
ORIGIN // Kapiti
ABV // 7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-11C
FOOD MATCH // Coq Au Vin with Morel Mushrooms, Creamy Mashed Potato, Walnut and Apple Salad, Orange Cheesecake
GLASS // IPA Glass