Beer #195 - Deep Creek / Smoked Chilli Gose

Beer #195 - W/C 19 November 2018

BREWERY // 7 years ago, old school friends Paul Brown & Jarred Maclachlan decided to chuck their jobs in and start a brewpub with hospitality expert Scott Taylor. The New Zealand beer landscape looked pretty different back in 2011 but they had a masterstroke to ensure they would have plenty of customers - they located in the heartland of beer-loving British ex-pats, Auckland's Brown's Bay. After closing the pub each night at midnight, they would work through the night to brew more beer. After just a few months, they reached capacity and started looking for a dedicated off-site brewery space. As the Deep Creek empire steadily grew, they tempted an extremely talented brewer, Hamish Ward, to leave his day job a genetic research scientist and head up the brewery. Their success over the past few years has been huge and they took out the Australian International Beer Awards Champion Small Brewery award last year. Their steady stream of seasonal releases means there's always something new to try from their brewpub, brewery taproom or anywhere else you find them.

BEER // As you all know, the Gose style originated in the German town of Goslar (which lies on the river Gose) over a thousand years ago. The well water they drew to make beer was slightly salty due to it flowing through the mineral rich Harz mountains. Those ancient brewers added coriander to balance the saltiness of their tart, sour beers and that's the same with this week's beer. The style almost disappeared but has seen a resurgence with modern brewers, many of whom add additional adjuncts to the tart, citrus base beer. Deep Creek used two types of smoked malt and lots of chillies to this recipe making for a beer with a lot of complexity that pairs beautifully with food. The spice is noticeable but does not dominate, it compliments the herbaceous, smokey notes well. So- smoke, sour, citrus & chilli. It's a beer that may not be for everybody but none can accuse it of being boring.

BREWERY // Deep Creek

BEER // Smoked Chilli Gose
ORIGIN // Silverdale, Auckland
ABV // 4.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-11C
FOOD MATCH // Tandoori Paneer. Prawn Masala. Fries & Mayo. Grilled Asparagus & Goats Cheese.
GLASS // Tulip. Wine Glass