Beer #190 - New New New / Super Rye

Beer #190 - W/C 15 October 2018

BREWERY // NEW NEW NEW Corporation was founded by humans in 2036 in Dunedin, New Zealand for the purpose of creating fermented beverages and to breed optimism in friends and customers. The brewery is in a former stables which housed the horses that once drew the trams of Dunedin. There is no record of when it was built but photographs have been found of the building which date back to the 1860s. When installing the wet floor they discovered bluestone cobbles which had been rounded beneath the horses hooves. New New New's output has been prolific as they constantly conduct scientific trials and A/B test resulting in unconventional-sounding but delicious-tasting beers including Chilli Pilsner, Smoked Eel Stout, Bull Kelp Gose & Cherry Berliner. A highly efficient mash filter (which compresses the mashed grain and extracts more from the wort) is the first of its kind in New Zealand and enables New New New Corp. to create beers that would be impossible with a conventional system. The taproom is open every Friday evening and for special occasions such as the impending New Science Initiative (Halloween Party).


BEER // What's the point in having an impressive mash filter if you don't use it to create some unique beers? Super Rye is made with 50% rye where a conventional Rye Ale would use much less due to rye being high in beta-glucans which make for a thick, sticky mash which can clog up a lauter tun. Ancient brewers made beer with whatever grains grew locally and Roggenbier (beer made with rye and other grains) was popular in the cold climes of Northern Europe where cereal grains would not grow. Unfortunately for 16th Century rye beer fans, the Bavarian royals banned it in 1516 when they introduced the Reinheitsgebot beer purity law. The thinking was that rye should be reserved for bakers to make tasty bread while barley (which makes crappy bread) should be the only grain used to make beer. All of this rye makes for a beer with medium body and aroma and flavour similar to Pumpernickel bread. There is a smooth richness to the malt with a little sweetness and a touch of spicy pepper. New New New also included a significant helping of American hops which add some bitterness and big citrus peel flavours. Super Rye is a very easy drinking beer.

View the transmission from New New New Corporation below.

BREWERY // New New New
BEER // Super Rye
STYLE // Rye Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Dunedin

ABV // 5.2%
FOOD MATCH // Fire-Roasted Corn Chowder with Sriracha. Sesame Tamari Beef Meatballs. Risotto with Leek, Shiitake Mushroom & Truffle. Smores.
GLASS // Tulip

New New New. Super Rye from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.