Beer #188 - Sawmill / Weizenboch

Beer #188 - W/C 01 October 2018

BREWERY // With views of Mt Tamahunga and a short hop from Omaha Beach, Sawmill Brewery's home is an enviable location. Luckily for us, the brewery is also encompasses the beautifully designed 'Smoko Room' serving an inspired menu of local and seasonal produce alongside 14 different beers on tap. Sawmill started in 2004 and was bought by Kirsty McKay and Mike Sutherland in Spring 2010. They hadn't intended to buy a brewery - Mike was interested in learning about brewing so got in touch with founder Peter Freckleton to ask if he could spend a day with him in the brewery. Peter mentioned he was selling up and the rest is history. Hamilton's Good George also has a pretty special location with their brewery and dining hall in a building that was formerly St. George's Church. It all began way back in the early 2010's a group of beer loving friends got together to open Hamilton's first independent pub. They've grown rapidly with pubs popping up all over. Be sure to stop in for a brewery tour next time you're in Hamilton.

BEER // Wheat has been used in brewing since the very first Sumerian beers and has been steadily used ever since. Wheat beer (aka Weissbier) as we know it today originated around 700 years ago in the city of Einbeck, Germany. Only the nobility were allowed to break Weissbier until the 1870 when Georg Schneider (Schneider Weisse) cut a sweet deal with King Ludwig II. By 1907 the brewery was in the hands of Georg's daughter-in-law Mathilde who took inspiration from the Doppelbock (strong dark lager) style and invented a completely new style which was an immediate hit- Weizenbock. The Weissbier side brings yeast forward spicy esters of banana cloves and stone fruit with sweetness, soft mouthfeel and a big, fluffy head. The Doppelbock brings chocolate, molasses and bread to the party along with a solid whack of alcohol. In keeping with the history of the style, it is also a mash-up of two breweries - Sawmill & Hamilton's Good George - who both bought huge skills to the table. The Weizenbock scored the best in class trophy at the Brewer's Guild Awards last year.

BREWERY // Sawmill & Good George
BEER // Grisette
ORIGIN // Oamaru

ABV // 7.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 10-12C
FOOD MATCH // Mussels & Fries. Cheese Cubes with Celery Salt. Panna Cotta. Cassoulet.
GLASS // Goblet