Beer #175 - Outlier Cartel / Noo Zeeland

Beer #175 - W/C 2 July 2018

BEER JERK INTRODUCES // We're lucky to know lots of extremely talented people working in the world of beer as well as other walks of life. It is the best thing ever to introduce people and see what they create together. Especially if the result is beer. I've long admired the creativity of gelato maker Giapo who has been making discombobulating frozen art in a small Auckland shop for over a decade. With their almond croissant (Wunderkammer) and Speculaas (Apricity) inspired beers, making an introduction to Outlier Cartel was the obvious choice. We hope Noo Zeeland will be the first in a long line of 'Beer Jerk Introduces' beers.

BREWERY // Outlier Cartel began life in 2010 when Carlos and his flatmates decided to throw a flat warming party. They invited everybody in the building but only two people turned up, fortunately one of them was Mark. A few years later they were joined by Alvin and they now make up a three-way intercontinental creative powerhouse. Mark is currently based 11,240km from Auckland in beautiful Tahsis on Vancouver Island where an Outlier outpost is about to get a license to sell beer. Brewer Carlos was recently brewing collaboration beers in Santiago with Chilean beer pioneers Spoh. Carlos is about to take up a position overseeing quality management for Omnipollo brewery in Stockholm and all over the world. Don't worry - you may be seeing him a little less frequently around Auckland bars but Outlier Cartel beers are here to stay.

BEER // Giapo had the Outliers taste all of his gelato varieties while they discussed flavours and inspiration. The Kiwifruit & Coriander Sorbet struck a chord and they decided to take up the challenge of creating a beer version. If you have not had the pleasure of trying this sorbet- it is tart, sweet, coriander-y with an exquisite texture. An initial test keg was released at the Brothers Session Beer Challenge and this is a development of the recipe. A huge percentage of kiwifruit was used as well as non-fermentable lactose to provide the tartness and sweetness. The malt bill contains 49% oats and wheat which give texture and creamy mouthfeel. The addition of fruit pectin goes further to giving the beer a lush consistency bringing to mind gelato. Freshly roasted aromatic coriander seeds were added at the 'dry hop' stage but the flavour and aroma of coriander is hard to detect in the finished beer. Saluti!


Outlier Cartel. Noo Zeeland from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.




BREWERY // Outlier Cartel

WITH // Beer Jerk & Giapo
BEER // Noo Zeeland
STYLE // Kiwifruit & Coriander Gruit
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 4.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - from the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Oysters. Gelato. Belgian Waffles.
GLASS // Sundae. Waffle Cone