Beer #161 - Funk Estate + Emerson's + Behemoth / Threeway

Beer #161 - W/C 26 March 2018


BREWERY // Richard Emerson was 18 years old when he had his mind blown by the great beers he discovered while living in Edinburgh. Upon returning home he promptly set about perfecting his now iconic London Porter. A few years later Richard's dad pulled together friends and family to invest in his vision of opening a craft brewery and the doors opened in the student quarter of Dunedin in 1993. Emerson's was bought by Lion (who are owned by Kirin) in 2012 and a $25M new brewery opened a couple of years ago which has increased the output hugely with the taproom becoming a must visit Dunedin destination. As a keen train enthusiast, Richard's favourite element of the new brewery is it's location neighbouring the railway tracks. His authentic steam locomotive whistle is sounded at the completion of each brew. A few months ago he invited the the young bucks from Behemoth (Auckland) and Funk Estate (Mt Maunganui) down to Dunedin for a threeway brewday.

BEER // This is a beer that celebrates that most magic of numbers - 3. When these three breweries came together they were always going to create something special and the Threeway doesn't disappoint. It is a little sour and tart, just enough to make your tongue tingle. It's no hop bomb but the Citra and Mosaic hops support the other flavours sublimely with tropical fruit and pine notes. The beer was made with 10% mango which is the hero here with gorgeous aroma and flavours that brings to mind tropical fruit punch. Only tastier. Threeway goes to prove that more sometimes is more.

BREWERY // Emerson's + Funk Estate + Behemoth
BEER // Threeway
STYLE // Sour Mango IPA
ORIGIN // Dunedin
ABV // 6.1%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-11C
FOOD MATCH // Vindaloo. Grilled Salmon. Mango Shrikhand (Greek Yoghurt Pudding).