Beer #157 - Blue Fridge / Riwakasaurus Rex

Beer #157 - W/C 26 February 2018

BREWERY // In the 80s a blue fridge stood on State Highway 25 and served as a post box for Awamarire Farm, earning the valley the nickname Blue Fridge Valley. The residents were strongly opposed to Coromandel mining, and the fridge was relentlessly attacked by pro-mining groups; it was pushed over, shot at and finally blown up. Blue Fridge Brewery pays homage to the spirit of that embattled fridge, keeping in mind the future of our environment in everything they do. The brewery was launched by Adam Coleman-Smith in a shed in the Coromandel bush in 2015 after returning from a 4 year adventure travelling the world. Although trained as a graphic designer, Adam realised his true passion was beer and we're glad he did. Blue Fridge beers are rarely seen outside Coromandel so grab a can whenever you see one.

BEER // Is Riwakasaurus Rex the best name to ever grace a beer? Yes. But it isn't just a pretty face. Inside that gorgeous can awaits that most lovely of beasts - a well rounded, interesting session IPA. Dry hopping with Riwaka gives it the passionfruit aroma and mandarin flavour the hop is known for. Riwaka is an iconic NZ hop and is the flavour many people  think of when they think 'New Zealand hops'. There's a solid backbone of malt with toffee and caramel notes.

BREWERY // Blue Fridge
BEER // Riwakasaurus Rex
STYLE // Session IPA
ORIGIN // Kuaotuna. Coromandel
HOPS // Waimea. Rakau. Riwaka

ABV // 5.3%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. Half hour out of the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Roast pork & apple sauce. Goan curry. Fajitas. Margarita pizza.
GLASS // IPA Glass