Beer #151 - Buxton / Sonrisa

Beer #151 - W/C 15 January 2018

BREWERY // Buxton celebrated their 9th birthday a couple of weeks ago. They've come a long way since founders Geoff & Rich brewed that first 40 litres of Pale Ale in the garage to become one of the top rated breweries in the world. Located in the beautiful English Peak District, their beers are made with the famous local spring water. Buxton quickly gained a reputation for brewing consistently excellent beers across a wide range of styles and also regularly collaborate with other breweries (Omnipollo, Stillwater, Lervig) to release wonderfully interesting beers.

BEER // This juicy 'breakfast' beer was made with porridge oats, clementines and lemon juice. Those ingredients, combined with a good dose of Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops make for a hugely aromatic beer with a bouquet of lemon and orange. It is a medium bodied pale with a touch of sour, tart citrus acidity and a dry, earthy finish. Maybe save it until after lunch though, hey?

BREWERY // Buxton
BEER // Sonrisa
STYLE // Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Buxton. England
ABV // 4.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-11 C
Pancakes with Lemon & Sugar. Dim sum. Lemon Chicken. Peach Sorbet.
GLASS // Shaker. Tulip