Beer #139 - Blackberry Gose / Vulcan Brewers

Beer #139 - W/C 23 October 2017

BREWERY // Vulcan Brewers was established by Sam Miller in 2014. Equipped with a trained palate and technical knowledge from his background as a chef and coffee roaster, Sam pursued his hobby of home brewing and started a commercial brewing company. Using his passion for flavours and knowledge of ingredients and how they perform, Vulcan has been crafting balanced and interesting beer using local ingredients and local breweries to produce beer on a commercial scale. Vulcan Brewers recently won a Silver Medal at the New Zealand Brewers Guild Awards. There are more brews currently underway from Vulcan in time for the warmer months. 

BEER // The River Gose has flowed from the Harz Mountains and through the town of Goslar in Lower Saxony for a very very long time. As the area is extremely rich in minerals, and especially salt, it is natural that the river carried them into the local groundwater supply. Meaning that the water drawn from wells by the brewers of Goslar was a little salty. They added coriander to balance the flavour and Gose remained a very popular speciality in the region until it became all but forgotten in the mid 20th century with the popularity of pilsner and weissbier. Recent years have seen a huge resurgence of interest in the style with brewers all over the world creating their own versions. This Blackberry Gose is a contemporary take on the style. It is a delicate, light, dry and extremely refreshing beer and the subtle sweet and tart berry flavours compliment is beautifully. It may well be the perfect 'lawnmower beer' to slake your thirst and reward a job well done.

Check out the video below to hear what Sam has to say about Blackberry Gose.

BREWERY // Vulcan Brewers
BEER // Blackberry Gose
ORIGIN // Christchurch
ABV // 2.8%
HOPS // Southern Cross
MALT // Gladfield Ale, Wheat
TEMPERATURE // Cold. 5 degrees
FOOD MATCH // BBQ. Fries & Mayo. Bhindi Masala. Cheesecake.
GLASS // Pilsner Glass

Vulcan. Blackberry Gose from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.