Beer #130 - Hallertau / Flemish Giant

Beer #130 - W/C 21 August 2017

Beer Jerk. Hallertau. Flemish Giant from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.

BREWERY // Steve & Hayley Plowman opened Hallertau amongst the orchards of Riverhead back in 2005 as a brewery/bar/restaurant and it quickly became a go-to destination for locals and city folk willing to brave the 20 minute drive from central Auckland. The Hallertau core range is solid but it's their seasonal and one off releases that we get really excited about. Inspiration for Hallertau recipes comes from everywhere and they've recently collaborated with everyone from Quentin Tarantino to Matt Thomson (whisky-maker) to rock band Beastwars to make special beers.

BEER // 
The name Tripel comes from the strength- three times the amount of malt is used to make for a much stronger beer than the house style. The style is closely associated with Trappist Belgian breweries such as Westmalle, whose iconic Tripel is an inspiration here. There is lots of fresh malt sweetness from the mainly pilsner malt. Oats and wheat were also used to give it a well rounded mouthfeel and good head retention. As with all Tripels, the hero is the yeast with lots of spicy banana, clove, Christmas cake esters and phenols. It's a rich and complex beer to be savoured which changes in flavour as it warms. Give it a lively pour for a big, fluffy head.

Check out our interview with Steve Plowman to hear more about Flemish Giant

BEER // 
Flemish Giant
Belgian Tripel
Riverhead, Near Auckland
ABV //
Cold 5-8C
Sheeps Cheese. Cerviche. Rabbit & Mushroom Pie. Lots of Delicious Cheese. 
Trappist Glass. Tulip