Beer #121 - Mythica / Succubus

Beer #121 - W/C 19 June 2017

BREWERY // Mythica is one of the newest New Zealand breweries on the scene having released their first beers just 6 months ago. Geoff is the brewer and the rest of the team is made up of his brewing mate Kerry and their respective partners- Lia and Camila. While Geoff spends his time working on Mythica, the other members of the team have day jobs as scientists. When thinking about how the brand could stand out on shelves, it seemed natural to go with a mythical, fantasy theme.  Their 350L pilot brewery allows them to create experimental and novel beers with the core range being contract brewed.

BEER // 
Since medieval times, mythology of the succubus has appeared in European, Middle Eastern and Indian cultures as a demon in female form who seduces and has sex with sleeping men. The stories generally don't end well. This Succubus is a Golden IPA with a lower IBU bitterness and hop profile than you might expect from the garden variety IPA. The malt base is predominantly light pilsner with 10% wheat to add more body and mouthfeel as well as some crystal malts which make for a distinct sweetness. The hop profile is restrained and tropical with Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin varieties being used. Succubus is much more quaffable than you might expect from a 7% beer so stay safe out there...

Check out the video below to hear what brewer Geoff has to say about Incubus!

Golden IPA
ABV //
Cold/Cool - 7-11C
Fish Burger. Pad Thai. Bockwurst. Goat Cheese. Citrus Sorbet
IPA Glass