Beer #113 - Yeastie Boys / Bigmouth

Beer #113 - W/C 24 April 2017

BREWERY // Yeastie Boys is a small brewery with big prospects. Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are a pair of extremely talented blokes who are steadily working to take over the World with their always interesting beers. Yeastie Boys stay lean by contract brewing with great breweries like Invercargill Brewery in New Zealand, BrewDog in Scotland & Nomad in Australia. This allows them to focus on the business of creating excellent beer without needing to operate a brewery.

January 2015 saw Yeastie Boys raise $500,000 in 30 minutes when they crowd-funded to take their beers to the UK market. They have been received with open arms (and gullets) in Britain and, along with a handful of other breweries, they're doing a great job at showing Britain how brilliant New Zealand beers are.

BEER // The word 'session' causes a lot of debate but we can all agree that most of the tastiest IPAs clock in at over 5% (and sometimes way over) so it is refreshing to see a full bodied, full flavoured IPA at 4.4%. The Bigmouth in your hand is one of the first cans from the UK production, brewed at BrewDog. It is a proudly South Pacific beer featuring bold Nelson hops with a nod to noble tradition of British pale ales. The medley of Nelson Sauvin, Motueka & Pacifica hops fill the beer with tropical aroma and flavours of pineapple, lemon citrus and white wine grapes. Although relatively light bodied, the liberal use of wheat and oats makes for a sumptuous mouthfeel.

BREWERY // Yeastie Boys
BEER // Bigmouth
STYLE // Session IPA
ORIGIN // Wellington via Scotland
ABV // 4.4%
IBU // 25
HOPS // Nelson Sauvin, Motueka & Pacifica
FOOD MATCH // Hot & Sour SoupBeer Can Chicken. Cheeseburger. Whittaker's Ginger & Mandarin Chocolate
GLASS // IPA Glass