Beer #31 - Speakeasy / Metropolis

Beer #31 - W/C 28 September 2015


The 1920’s were a dry time for most Americans with a nationwide prohibition of alcohol which lasted 13 years. When expert home brewers Steve Bruce and Forest Gray started their brewery in 1997, they named it Speakeasy to celebrate the more enlightened times in which we now live. While prohibition is now over, it is interesting to note that the beer in your glass is one which most Americans cannot buy. Alcohol control legislation means that it is more hassle for breweries to distribute across state lines than it is to sell internationally. Speakeasy Ales are on tap at pretty much every good bar in San Francisco, the brewery only distributes to a handful of other states.


Lagers have a bit of a bad rep among beer enthusiasts. In fact- this week marks the 30th beer we've selected for Beer Jerk and Metropolis is the first lager. Many of us think of lager as being cold, fizzy and pretty tasteless. Which it generally is. Over the years, mega breweries have scrimped on ingredients meaning that the the generic liquid in a green bottle you get handed at a barbecue is a far cry from the lagered beers of 19th century Vienna and Munich. Speakeasy take their cues from the World's great lagers and add a little San Francisco magic. The biscuit, caramel backbone pairs nicely with the floral, tropical notes from the medley of 6 different hop varieties. This could be the perfect beer for a warm Spring evening.

BREWERY // Speakeasy
BEER // Metropolis
STYLE // Lager
ORIGIN // San Francisco, California
ABV // 5.3%
IBU // 47
MALT // Two Row Pale. Vienna. Carried. CaraHell
HOPS // Mosaic. Saphir. Magnum. Merkur. Hallertau. Pacific Gem
FOOD MATCH // Bratwurst. Sharp Cheddar. Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa
GLASS // Pilsner Glass

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