Beer #28 - Thornbridge / Saint Petersburg

Beer #28 - W/C 7 September 2015


"Innovation, Passion, Knowledge"

Thornbridge Brewery is an example of wealthy backers working with skilled brewers to great effect. In 2004 Simon Webster and Jim Harrison decided to set up a brewery in the converted workshop of Harrison's house, Thornbridge Hall. Eschewing tradition they hired a young Italian brewer, Stefano Cossi, and 23 year old graduate Martin Dickie and instructed them that they wanted to create "a beer that's gonna take the world by storm". In June that year they brewed Jaipur, an India Pale Ale with new world hops which is credited as heralding a new wave of craft brewing in Britain. Cossi & Dickie have long since moved on (Dickie to found BrewDog) but Thornbridge brewers continue to release innovative, brilliant beers which have garnered them 100's of awards over that past 10 years.


St. Petersburg is so named because John Morewood, who bought Thornbridge Hall in 1790, made his money selling linen to the Russian city. As you know, Russian imperial stouts were first brewed in 18th Century London for export to the Baltic States and Imperial Russia where Catherine the Great and her court were big fans. More recently, American breweries have taken the style to heart developing beers with ABV's well into double figures and so much body you need to chew them. St. Petersburg is more of a classic Russian imperial stout which likely isn't too different to the beers enjoyed by Catherine and her lovers. The big, roasted malt profile provides dark chocolate, caramel and peat smoke flavours. A large dose of English hops give a citrus bitterness which cuts though the sweetness.

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BREWERY // Thornbridge
BEER // St Petersburg
STYLE // Russian Imperial Stout
ORIGIN // Derbyshire, England
ABV // 7.4%
MALT // Maris Otter Pale Ale, Torrefied Wheat, Chocolate, Roast Barley
HOPS // Galena, Pearl, Hallertau Magnum
TEMPERATURE // Cool- around 13C
FOOD MATCH // Venison Stew. Strong Cheddar on Toast. Foie Gras. Dark Chocolate Truffles.
GLASS // Snifter

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