Beer #9 - Otis / Parrotdog

Beer #9 - W/C 27 April 2015


Matt and Matt were studying in Wellington when they developed a taste for good beer. After a glorious summer of sampling the best beers they could get their hands on they became inspired to pool their cash and start brewing in the dingy basement of their Aro Valley flat. Things moved up a level when they joined forces with a third Matt to contract brew one of their beers in Taranaki. The verdict for this first large scale brew wasn't good. Too bitter- the trio of Matts were recommended to dump it. Fortunately other tasters thought different and this was the birth of their excellent IPA- Bitter Bitch. Fast forward a few years and ParrotDog Brewery now occupies a huge space in central Wellington where the brew a core range of beers as well as a rotating selection of seasonal and limited releases. 


Otis is a limited release. A stout brewed with lots of rolled oats to give it a smooth, silky body. The addition of oats to beer was common since Medieval times although fell out of favour in the early 20th Century with no beers of this style being brewed since before World War II until it's revival in the 1980's for Yorkshire Brewery Samuel Smith. This is a solid but quaffable beer, perfect for cooler Autumnal evenings Otis is a fantastic example of the style with delicious notes of espresso, chocolate and vanilla.

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Do you taste hazelnut or maple syrup? Toffee or burned toast?  

BREWERY // ParrotDog
BEER // Otis
STYLE // Oatmeal Stout
ORIGIN // Wellington, New Zealand
ABV // 6.3%
TEMPERATURE // Cool not cold. 8-12C
FOOD MATCH // Wild Game, Creamy Brie, Chocolate Donut