Beer #6 - Rasputin / De Molen

Beer #6 - W/C 6 April 2015


When the local 318 year old windmill became available in 2004, Dutch brewer Menno Olivier knew the time was right to re-locate the brewery from his garage to a larger premises. He named his new brewery de Molen (the Mill) and for the past 10 years has been producing some of the most wonderful beer in the World. In fact, de Molen is regularly listed among the best breweries in the World. As well as producing a steady range of around 20 beers, De Molen create experimental beers every six weeks, the majority of which are never brewed again. Brouwerij de Molen works with the Philadelphia foundation to employ a team of mentally disabled people who label bottles and work around the brewery.


Grigori Rasputin was a controversial faith healer who bought down the Russian monarchy before meeting a grisly end under the ice of the Malaya Nevka River in 1916. Rasputin is also a beer. And not one to be rushed. In fact, it says “Enjoy within 25 years” on the label. This 10.4% beer will continue to increase in complexity with age. Rasputin is a rich, sweet imperial stout with lots of chocolate, espresso and roasted malt flavours accompanied by plum. Very full bodied with huge aroma and flavour, Rasputin is a beer to savour.

BREWERY // Brouwerij De Molen
BEER // Rasputin
STYLE // Imperial Stout
ORIGIN // Bodegraven, The Netherlands
ABV // 10.4%
MALT // Pale, Chocolate & Cara Barley
HOPS // Premiant & Saaz
TEMPERATURE // Just below room temperature. Around 18C
FOOD MATCH // Venison stew. Strong cheddar on toast. Foie gras. Dark chocolate truffles.
GLASS // Snifter