#2 - Sailor's Grave / Into The Pines

#2 - Sailor's Grave / Into The Pines
Forest Ale with Pine Needles and Slippery Jack Mushrooms

Sailor's Grave in the deep Sou'East of Australia have a strong philosophy regarding using their own local ingredients as much as possible. As for Into The Pines, it's a "Forest Ale" brewed with pine and slippery jack mushrooms foraged by their mates at Hogget Kitchen (and, we believe, pine needles too).

Brewer Chris tells us the addition was deliberately subtle so don't go in expecting some umami-fest. Indeed, at first you could be forgiven for thinking it's so subtle as to be missed, but, right at the end, there's the impact of the shrooms, adding a little something extra to what's otherwise not too far removed from an earthy, twiggy English brown ale.

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