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Winter Mixed Case

$105.00 NZD

Winter Mixed Case

$105.00 NZD

Winter is here and we want to keep you out of the rain and by the fire. Here at Beer Jerk we’ve decided to curate a box that showcases the finest dark ales New Zealand has to offer. From strong Belgians to sweet porters, big imperial stouts to coffee scotch ales this box is the perfect antidote to Winter.

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Urbanaut | Bogota

Espresso Scotch Ale | 6.5% | 440ml Can

The Scotch Ale (aka Wee Heavy) originated as a Scottish take on the English strong pale ale which became a distinct style in Edinburgh during the 19th Century. The style was defined by more pronounced rich, malty, roasty, toffee characteristics with less hoppiness than the Southern counterparts (due to the expense of importing hops from England). You may detect a touch of peat smoke but you're more likely to get a whack of espresso as there's the equivalent of a single shot in each can.


Outlier Cartel | Poke the Bear

Stout | 6.8% | 440ml Can 

It has honey malt (we just love it!), they used chocolate malt, added roasted marshmallows for those roasty and mallow flavors and campfire smoke at the end of the taste. Inspired by some tasty s'mores they had by a campfire in the vast wilderness of British Columbia, which one of the Outliers is now (also) calling home.


Mikes Brewing | Geisha Coffee

Brown Ale | 4% | 330ml Bottle

Brown Ales have been made in England since the late 17th Century. Although it is an extremely unpopular style among New Zealand brewers, it is obvious to see why the team at mike's thought a Brown Ale the clear choice to match some very special coffee beans. Geisha Beans are grown in Panama and so highly regarded, they are the most expensive in the world. The brewers had delicate and aromatic cold brew coffee in mind when creating the recipe and we think they hit it exactly.


Hallertau | Flemish Giant

Belgian Tripel | 8.5% | 500ml Bottle

The name Tripel comes from the strength- three times the amount of malt is used to make for a much stronger beer than the house style. The style is closely associated with Trappist Belgian breweries such as Westmalle, whose iconic Tripel is an inspiration here. There is lots of fresh malt sweetness from the mainly pilsner malt. Oats and wheat were also used to give it a well rounded mouthfeel and good head retention. As with all Tripels, the hero is the yeast with lots of spicy banana, clove, Christmas cake esters and phenols. It's a rich and complex beer to be savoured which changes in flavour as it warms. Give it a lively pour for a big, fluffy head.


Kereru | Velvet Boot

Belgian Dubbel | 7.5% | 330ml Bottle

The unique flavour of a Belgian Dubbel is imparted by two ingredients- candi sugar and yeast. Candi sugar is more easily converted to alcohol by yeast and is the reason Dubbels and Tripels have a higher ABV without extra body. Combined with the dark malts, this makes for big caramel, brown sugar flavours. The Belgian yeast gives this Dubbel complex banana, clove and spice esters. Kereru describe the aroma of Velvet Boot as "rum soaked banana" and we can't think of a better analogy. If you could bear to wait, this beer will continue to increase in complexity over a few years in the cellar.


Zeelandt | Black Monk

Schwarzbier | 5% | 500ml Bottle

Black Monk is named for the Bavarian monks who were brewing similar beers since at least the 12th century. Bottom fermented, lagered Schwarzbier offers a wonderful balance between clean dry pilsners and the rich flavours of darker beers and it is surprising the style is so underrepresented. Zeelandt's example is light bodied yet has a decidedly creamy mouthfeel. Aromas and flavours are of nutty malts, bittersweet chocolate and lots of coffee. An ideal beer for a cool Autumn evening.


Kereru | Black Ruby

Imperial Stout | 11% | 330ml Bottle

A rich dark imperial stout infused with Dominican cacao nibs, roast coffee beans, and raspberries, bursting with intense roasted coffee and bitter chocolate flavours, rich velvety mouthfeel and lingering raspberry notes.


Sawmill Brewery | Baltic Porter

Porter | 8% | 500ml Bottle

This imperial-strength porter with a complex combination of dark and caramel specialty malts, as well as traditional brown malt, to be both robust and malty with a smooth roast malt character. In addition, this beer has been fermented with the house lager strain to provide an extremely clean, crisp fermentation profile. The resulting beer gives aromas and flavours of plum, cocoa, spice, and dark bread, and is rich but still deceptively drinkable with a dry finish.


Duncan's | Umbra

Imperial Stout | 8.5% | 500ml Bottle

Imperial aka double stouts are a favourite of beer connoisseurs the world over with the style being over represented in most 'top 100 beers' lists. There is good reason for this- double stouts are absolutely delicious and many brewers see it as a source of pride to have a great one in their beer arsenal. The mysteriously named Umbra is an excellent example of the style. It is an amplified version of Duncan's regular stout. This is a big, rich and bold beer which may not be for everyone. It has bucketloads of roasted malt flavour as well as molasses and chocolate which is underlined with a solid bitterness. This is a complex sipper.


Kereru / Imperial Nibs

Imperial Stout | 8.5% | 330 ml Bottle

A delicious dark imperial porter made with cacao nibs from the Wellington Chocolate Factory, vanilla pods, and coconut toasted over manuka wood and manuka bark. Imperial Nibs is bursting with intense chewy flavours of bitter chocolate, wood-fired toasted coconut, burnt toffee, & mellow maltiness.


Yeastie Boys | Pot Kettle Black

Black IPA | 6% | 330 ml Bottle

Brewed in one of the southern most breweries in the world, this ale is like a spring thunderstorm: dark, breezy, exhilarating and unsurprisingly wet. It's near black and malty rich, yet is also fresh and joyously hoppy--a juxtaposition of beer styles that we call "Pot Kettle Black." Enjoy it with your favorite friends and great music.


Sparks / Reverence

Belgian Blonde | 6.4% | 500 ml Bottle

The Belgian Blonde is a relatively modern style which was created to win drinkers back over from the lagers and pilsners that began to dominate beer in the 20th century. They changed the malt bill to include majority pilsner malts but kept the distinctly Belgian yeast strains to have the best of both worlds resulting in  a smooth, easy drinking and well rounded beer with that distinct Belgian flavour. There is a candy sweetness and excellent mouthfeel from the malts. This beer is all about the yeast though with spicy notes of pepper and cloves. Drinking this beer is the perfect time to read about esters and phenols which are flavours and aromas that only exist in certain styles. It's a perfect beer to nurse while different flavours become more apparent as it warms.


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