Urbanaut / Party Line IPA Mixed 4 Pack - 440ml Cans

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These PARTY LINE 4 Pack brews will keep you connected even if you're in isolation. Drink fresh. Stay connected. Stay rad.

Single Hopped Nelson Sauvin IPA 5.8%

Nelson/Whakatu, home of New Zealand's most beautiful hops, our own little Bordeaux nestled at the head of Maui's great Waka.

This Single-Hopped Nelson Sauvin IPA features notes of crushed green grape and fresh elderflower.

Raspberry Sherbet Hazy IPA 6%

We know you're just FROTHING to get back to the carnival, so Urbanaut has brought the carnival to YOU with this Raspberru Sherbet Hazy IPA! Cracking with loads of Cryo-hop goodness, smooth hazy mouthfeel and a whack of Raspberry at the dry-hop sage.

Pink Grapefruit Hazy IPA 5.8%

Did you know that the humble grapefruit was called the "forbidden fruit" upon its discovery? Well, we're not forbidding you from this deliciously juicy Pink Grapefruit Hazy IPA. Zesty, lively and refreshing with loads of hoppy haze.

Dank West Coast IPA 6.5%

Have you tried this Dank West Coast IPA? You'd be a lot cooler if you did. Dig out your favourite flares, roll up some fresh grass and settle in.

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