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Otherside Brewing in Fremantle, Western Australia see themselves as a surrealist carnival of a brewery releasing a steady stream of seasonal beers.

We’ve curated a mixed dozen of their 375ml cans including some of their core range classics such as their Red Ale & IPA as well as a load from Otherside’s one-off ‘Experimental’ series including a Caramel Brown Ale, tropical fruit Hefeweizen and an IPA brewed to celebrate their Beervana appearance.

Each box contains

Lofi 3.5% - Citrus Mid

A crisp, American-style wheat beer that is dry-hopped and infused with orange and grapefruit for a refreshing finish. The wheat gives the beer body without adding sweetness, and the bitterness makes Lo-Fi and moreish, thirst-quenching beer.

Social 4.7% - Helles Lager

The Social Lager is just that: a beer made for good company. It’s a classic lager: single malt, single hop. This straw coloured brew features German Perle hops, which are spicy and floral, backed up with a light German malt, and is brewed in the Helles style. 

Indie 5.2% - XPA

It might be pale but it packs a punch. A neutral US strain and a double-dry hop throw off heaps of pineapple and peach aromas up front, while the malt finishes dry and crisp.

Anthem 6.2% - IPA

Anthem is a light bodied, pale golden IPA, inspired by the fruity, hop-forward styles from the Australian west coast. The clean malt bill is layered with hop to give hits of citrus, tropical fruit and dank resin, whilst a hint of lupulin powder packs the final punch.

Harvest 5.4% - Red Ale

A medium bodied, fruitily-hopped red ale with melon and citrus up front, followed by hints of raisin and plum from the caramel malts. This beer is rich and beguiling while maintaining balance. Suitable as an accompaniment with a hearty or enjoyed on its own.

Lifes Peachy 4.2% - Peach Session Ale

This session pale ale is a variant of their flagship Festive session ale, filtered through the lens of fruity American hops and aged on peach and passionfruit. Citrus and stone fruit layered atop a simple malt bill, and a clean fermentation ensures a crisp finish. A little bit of easy drinking summer fun to get you through the dark winter months.

Redliner 8.4% - Experimental Series - Red Double IPA

Their annual Headliner IIPAm but with a red ale malt bill. Big and dumb and elegantly balanced between hops and malt

Thanks for Having Us 7.8% - Experimental Series - DNEIPA

Otherside was invited to NZ for Beervana, and they got so excited they made this beer. A hazy IPA with loads of US and Australian hops, it is full of tropical fruit and low in bitterness

Vinyl 7.6% - Experimental Series - Black IPA

A reimagining of cult classic Vinyl Black IPA. Slight roast, massive hop character and clean fermentation characteristics. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

West Coast Double  8.2% - Experimental Series - DWCIPA

Just another big, self indulgent IPA, it’s been a minute since we’ve done one. Aggressively bitter, the tropical fruit dominates up front but then gives way to a dry finish.

Caramel Brown Ale  5.9% - Experimental Series - Caramel Brown Ale

A thick, pastry-fied American brown ale. Delicious caramel aromas up front, giving way to biscuit, coffee and chocolate from the malt bill. 

Tycoon No.5 5.9% - Exclusive Release - Boosted Hefeweizen

A bold modern update on the traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. Hopped with fruity Australian hops and given a whole lot of mango and passionfruit during the ferment, this banana-laden yeast bomb tastes like a tropical fruit salad. 

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