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Moon Dog brewery out of Melbourne Australia spend their time putting out ridiculously fun beer and we love it. This case features 10 awesome beers from this great brewery.

Moon Dog Lager - 4.5%
A beautiful, classic lager.

David Boysenbowie - 4.5%
Part of the "Magnificent Mullet Series" of fruit sours inspired by the best mullets of the 80's

Cherry Seinfeld - 4.5%
Part of the "Magnificent Mullet Series" of fruit sours inspired by the best mullets of the 80's

Timothy Tamothy Slam-othy - 5.6%
This milk stout is rich, smooooth and chocolatey biscuity. It’s even better when slammed so grab everybody’s favourite Aussie chocolate biscuit and get slurping! How freakin’ yum!

Show us how it’s done #MoonDogSlam

Captain Raisinbeard - 12.9%
Moon Dog Craft Brewery Captain Raisin Beard | 12.9% | Rum and Raisin Imperial Stout Aged in Trinidad and Barbados Small Batch Rum Barrels

Rich, boozy, rummy, oaky and sweet with hints of spice, dark chocolate, vanilla and molasses. The barrels were sourced from small Caribbean distilleries specialising in small batch, pot still rums.

Cake Hole - 6.5%
How big do you reckon the biggest ever black forest cake was? Well, it was pretty freakin' big!
Weighing 3,000kg and packed full of sour cherries, cacao and a whole lotta love... Just like this stout!
Imagine trying to fit that in ya cake hole!

Thunder Lips - 6%
Thunder Lips Is here in the flesh, baby. A beer who calls Itself the ultimate object of desire. The punch of zesty yuzu. The thwack of citrusy hops. The one, the only, Thunder Lips.

Old Mate - 5%
Bloody old mate... Did you hear old mate old mates old mate with old mate? Strewth?! Bloody unreal.

Which is another way of saying this pale ale has got a real tasty clean maltiness with a peachy/citrusy hoppy twang.

Old mate loves it.

Mack Daddy - 5%
A hopped up, melonous dark ale balanced by notes of chocolate and sarsaparilla.

Beer Can - 4.2%
An extremely drinkable tinny that’s chock-full of tropical fruit character. Light and refreshing, it’s perfect for summer merriment and outdoor drinking with mates.

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