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The Darkness

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The Darkness

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2x Kereru - Black Ruby
2x Behemoth - Notella
2x Vulcan - Raspberry Porter
2x Magic Rock - Common Grounds
2x Kereru - Imperial Nibs
2x Duncan's - Umbra


Kereru - Black Ruby
Imperial Stout | 11.2% 
Black Ruby was brewed especially for GABS 2016. It starts off as Imperial Moonless Stout and then has the addition of raspberries, Dominican cacao nibs from Wellington Chocolate Factory, and coffee from People's Coffee. This is a big bodied beer and should be enjoyed at room temperature to fully appreciate all of the flavours it has to offer. The flavours from the adjunct ingredients are all apparent and complimented by caramel sweetness from the huge malt bill of dark roasted and chocolate malts. Smooth, rich, balanced, sweet, bitter, we can easily see why Black Ruby won Gold in this year's Australian Beer Awards. It’s a beer that will continue to develop over years in the cellar.

Behemoth - Notella
Chocolate Hazelnut Porter | 7% 

In 1806 Napoleon barred British ships entering all harbours under French control which let to a continental shortage of cocoa. An enterprising chocolatier in Turin named Michele Prochet extended his limited chocolate supply by mixing it with local hazelnuts to invent a sweet spread named Gianduja. The delicious flavour combination was the inspiration for this beer although, clearly none of the Behemoth team could think of a good pun name based on the word Gianduja. Notella started as a full bodied stout made with lots of roasted and chocolate malts. Then cocoa nibs, tincture of hazelnut and Dutch cocoa powder were added to result in a beer which tastes just like... well, we'll leave that for you to decide.

Vulcan - Raspberry Porter
Porter | 5.7% 

The porter style of beer originated in London in the early 18th century and took its name from the street and river porters who quickly became big fans. The well hopped beer made with brown malts was the was the first style to be brewed in large quantities and the porter breweries of London pioneered many technological advances such as the use of the thermometer around 1760 and hydrometer in 1770. Vulcan's Raspberry Porter is brewed in the classic English style with the addition of raspberries. It has the smooth roasty chocolate flavour you might expect from the style with perhaps a touch of liquorice. And a not-at-all-subtle great whack of raspberry. It was awarded a silver at the NZ Brewers Guild Awards a few weeks ago.

Kereru - Imperial Nibs
Imperial Porter | 8.5% 
A delicious dark imperial porter made with cacao nibs from the Wellington Chocolate Factory, vanilla pods, and coconut toasted over manuka wood and manuka bark. Imperial Nibs is bursting with intense chewy flavours of bitter chocolate, wood-fired toasted coconut, burnt toffee, & mellow maltiness.

Duncan's - Umbra
Imperial Stout | 8.5% 

Imperial (aka Double) Stouts are a favourite of beer connoisseurs the world over with the style being over represented in most 'top 100 beers' lists. There is good reason for this- double stouts are absolutely delicious and many brewers see it as a source of pride to have a great one in their beer arsenal. The mysteriously named Umbra (watch the video to find out what it means) is an excellent example of the style. It is an amplified version of Duncan's regular stout. This is a big, rich and bold beer which may not be for everyone. It has bucketloads of roasted malt flavour as well as molasses and chocolate which is underlined with a solid bitterness. This is a complex sipper