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Staff Picks - JUNE - 12 Beer Mixed Case

$134.00 NZD

Staff Picks - JUNE - 12 Beer Mixed Case
Staff Picks - JUNE - 12 Beer Mixed Case Staff Picks - JUNE - 12 Beer Mixed Case

$134.00 NZD

Every month our staff dig through our chiller to find a great selection of interesting beers for you. This box contains a mixture of different styles and breweries that we're digging at the moment.

June's Staff Picks have been put together by Beer Jerk founder. Luke. You may know Luke as the face of Beer Jerk. He's the one sending you emails every week about the amazing selections he curates for our Classic subscription, posting videos on social media and flying the flag for independent breweries around the world.

When he's not up to his eyeballs in Wikipedia articles about historical German beer styles you can find Luke zooming around Auckland on a little red scooter, making sure everyone in the office is eating healthy and checking to make sure his hair is still immaculate.

For June, Luke has let his love for European styles run riot. He's put together a typically awesome selection of wintery beers for you to get you through these colder months.

Van Honsebrouck / Kasteel Donker 11%
Kasteel Donker Belgian Quadrupel. A strong, dark brown beers where the malt predominates with layers of sweetness.. Inspired by the Trappist brewers, it is a full-bodied, malty beer with touches of caramel, coffee and chocolate coming from the roast malt

Craftwork / Flemish Floozie - 7.5% 500ml
This Naughty fruity Ale, was inspired by a well-known Belgian 'one-of -a-kind' specialty beer. A sustaining drink, this complex beer will develop over time, with further aging in the bottle. 

Beerbliotek / Black Chili Ale 7.6% - 330ml Can
A black ale with a bit of a kick. With dried red chillies added to the fermenter for a hint of fruit, and to create a dry, spicy finish.

Zeelandt / Black Monk 5% - 330ml Bottle
Schwarzbier is a German, black lager. An elegant German beer style that delivers smooth, rich malt flavours with hints of chocolate and coffee and a clean, dry finish.

Duncan's / BBA Imperial Stout 2019 12.4% - 330ml Bottle
Last year Duncan's release their first Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout to rave reviews. The beer took Beervana by storm and was a huge favourite at The Beer Jerk Bunker, selling out almost instantly. We were thrilled when George rebrewed this masterpiece again for this year. Rich and viscous with layers of incredible bourbon character this is one not to be missed

Het Anker / Gouden Carolus Tripel 9% - 330ml Bottle
A classic Belgian Tripel with a pure and rich taste, will captivate you. It is matured at length in cellar and bottle. The Gouden Carolus Triple has a unique colour and a full flavour due to its well-balanced hopping

Dugges / Port Spices - 13% 330ml Bottle
A port wine barrel aged version of our spiced up Deer Bear collab Plum Spices. Taking something already intricate and complex yet extremely balanced to a whole other level. Set sail and feel the waves!

Outlier Cartel / Apocalyptic Post 8% - 500ml Bottle
Since being formed in 2015, Outlier always thought that brewing a beer that could survive the Apocalyptic would a worthwhile project. Taking careful consideration of the ingredients – these would have to survive the fallout in the event tiny fists hit the big nuclear launch button! The ingredients are all radio-resistant – meaning they should be able offset mutations from a nuclear holocaust. Also – this beer is an old ale, which means it can be cellared for those long nights spent in your underground bunker!

Dugges / We Are Beer Edinburgh 11% - 330ml Bottle
A five way collaboration beer that comes in three varieties. Each variety connected to one of the We Are Beer festivals. This is Edinburgh. A big stout with subtle notes of cocoa and vanilla. Absolutely barry!

Fullers / Vintage Ale 2017 - 8.5% 500ml
The Denali hop has a big, inviting aroma that imparts pineapple, citrus and pine notes – perfect for bringing a tropical touch to the Vintage Ale series. It’s been used here both late in the boil and for dry hopping, dovetailing with classic British hop varieties Target and Goldings.

Schneider Weisse / Mein Aventinus Tap 6 2014 Vintage - 8.2% 500ml
For golden moments by the fireplace: "Mein Aventinus" - is a wholehearted, dark ruby coloured wheat beer, intensive and fiery, warming, well-balanced and tender. Bavaria's oldest wheat "Doppelbock" - brewed since 1907!

Pink Elephant / Mother's Bruin 8% - 500ml Bottle
Lots of effort, lots of malt and lots of honey from lots of bees. Subtle aromas with this Vintage 2013 Special.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    We really loved this mixed case - great mix of saisons and sours for me and malty biscuity beers for the husband. Perfect!

    Hi Kelly, thanks for your feedback, great to hear the selection was enjoyed by all! Cheers, Beer Jerk

    great service and product. can't fault

    Thanks for your feedback Philip! Cheers, Beer Jerk
    An eclectic mix!

    The thing I most love about Beer jerk cases is that you make choices that I never would so I get get to try all sorts of wonderful and sometimes strange concoctions. Great value, great mix!

    Thanks for the review Samantha, super stoked that you enjoyed the selection in this mixed case