Small Gods X Maltkult / Satan Satan Satan - 7.2% 440ml Can

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The old goat stirs. Born of fire he beckons forth fury with rains of brimstone and salt. In the smoke and ruin of Gehenna he rises, revelling in the frailty of our insipid mortality. His maw stretches to the sky, seeking blood. Repent. The end times come and his thirst will not be slaked.

Evoking the eternal aspect of the lord of hell. This is a Gunpowder Bock, a classic German style dark lager, sacrilegiously perverted with the three classic ingredients of Black Powder. Sulphur, Saltpetre and Carbon. With a clean, vibrant malt profile supported by subtle spice, a savoury note and a moreish dry finish it’s a unique beer. Designed to ease humanity’s passing into the end times.

Once upon a time, before they dreamt up Beer Jerk, founders Luke & Brent enthusiastically got into home brewing in their Auckland kitchens. They named their brewery Small Gods in honour of the yeasts and Terry Pratchett. The names of their beers are all dedicated to religious and mythological figures throughout history. Since those early days another homebrewer, Matt, has joined the Beer Jerk team where they spend a lot of time talking about innovative recipe ideas. Small Gods has developed into a brewing project dedicated to collaborative, historical and experimental brewing aiming to keep history alive by bringing these beers and legends into the modern age.

Mike Cheer of Maltkult might be the best brewer you’ve never heard of. Having cut his teeth at the likes of Harrington’s and spent time at perfectionist contract facility Steam he has a legendary reputation in the beer industry for his technical knowledge and precision. Outside of beer his reputation on the Christchurch Metal scene is equally as prodigious. When we wanted to brew Satan Satan Satan, the world's first and only Gunpowder Bock, we knew we had to work with him.

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Richard Doran
The dark lord

Fantastic tasting beer, really different experience and one I would repeat!

Lordy lordy lordy

Satan satan satan is a great beer. Possibly the coolest can artwork in the varied and illustrious history of craft beers. Also, it's a cracking beer. Malty and hints of all the gunpowdery goodness from the ingredients. Really easy to drink and super delicious.