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Small Gods are on the rise and we're excited to have enough beers out to offer a Mixed Case, comprising 2 cans each of their six most recent beers!

Taking traditional styles and injecting a modern twist. Small Gods is a project dedicated to fun, collaborative, historical and experimental brewing aiming to keep history alive by bringing these beers and legends into the modern age. 

2 x Small Gods / Chupacabra - Mexican Cold IPA - 6.7% 440ml Can
The Chupacabra stalks sinuously through the pale sands of the Chihuahuan desert, seeking prey. The arid dunes offer little succour beyond meagre sprays of cactus flower and the occasional skittering lizard. Poor sustenance for the raging thirst of this fearsome reptilian stalker. Teeth glisten, bright in the frosty Mexican moonlight as its target comes into view, listless and bleating. Cautiously it approaches, unobserved and slavering. The first the hapless goat knows of the Chupacabra’s predatory pounce is the feeling of fangs sinking swiftly into its tender flank. Its life’s blood is sucked away in rapid gulps. A desiccated husk is all that remains. The Chupacabra wends its way onwards, its ceaseless thirst unquenched.

Chupacabra is an IPA inspired by cold nights in the Mexican desert. An ultra-pale pilsner malt base with a healthy addition of malted corn provides a crisp and clean platform to allow the carefully selected blend of uniquely characterful Neomexicanus hops to sing. Zappa, El Dorado and Talus burst with bright flavours of passionfruit, apricot, watermelon, mint and tropical fruits. Chupacabra is fermented with a Lager yeast and cold conditioned to enhance the assertive, old-school bitterness (remember the IBU arms race?). This is a punchy, bitter, moreish, and refreshing IPA designed to quench the most insatiable thirst.

2x Small Gods x Whistling Sisters / Bedevere - Table Beer - 3.2% - 440ml Can
Sir Bedevere was one of King Arthur’s most trusted companions at the Round Table. When the legendary ruler was mortally wounded in battle at Camlann he bequeathed his holy sword, Excalibur, to Bedevere with instructions to return it to the Lady of the Lake from whom he received the famous blade. Upon arriving at the shores of the lake, Bedevere found himself unable to discard such a sacred relic and hid the weapon instead and returned to the dying Arthur’s side. His falsehood however, was discovered. Thoroughly reprimanded for his lies he returned to the lake in shame and cast away Excalibur as his liege commanded. As the sword fell, an arm clad in shimmering white samite arose from the water as the Lady of the Lake snatched it from the air before dragging it to its final resting place beneath the surface.

Bedevere is a Table Beer, brewed in collaboration with the team at Wellington’s Whistling Sisters Brewery. This light, bright, complex and sessionable ale features citrusy and zesty modern German hops, Ariana and Callista, which deliver a refreshing punch of lemon, tangerine, peach and jasmine. This delicate fruit character floats over a light and fresh base of Pilsner, Wheat and Vienna malts and is underpinned by a peppery yeast character. Gloriously drinkable and invigoratingly interesting.

2x Small Gods x Altitude / Brocken Spectre - Salted Lychee & Passionfruit Heavily Fruited Imperial Sour - 9% 440ml Can
Gasping for breath in the thin, icy air of a wintery dawn, you finally summit the mountain. Your footfalls crunch on virgin snow as you raise your head to take in your reward, the promised exaltation of an infinite horizon and the heady rush of altitude. Only a misty white expanse greets you, bereft of depth and wonder. Thick and cloying clouds hug the ridges and cliffs like a heavy blanket, quashing your triumph. You turn to see the stalking shadow of your disappointment looming before you. The silhouette of your Brocken Spectre stretches across the sullen sky, its twisted head haloed in the chromatic brilliance of your stolen glory.
Brocken Spectre is a heavily fruited Imperial Sour brewed with the incredible team at Queenstown’s Altitude Brewery. Thick and juicy with abundant tropical notes from the huge additions of pureed Lychee and Passionfruit. A punchy tartness is balanced with body and sweetness from the addition of milk sugar and rounded out with a savoury edge from a generous dose of salt, allowing the fruit flavour to sing. All this sits atop a hearty 9% ABV to warm your heart on a cold Queenstown night.

2x Small Gods x Satya / Chai Rebellion - Masala Chai White Stout - 5.3% 440ml Can
In the dark days of British colonial rule in India, the British East India Company proliferated the drinking of tea throughout the subcontinent. This symbol of Englishness came with significant classist cultural etiquette around how it should be drunk and served, enforced by inspectors from the Indian Tea Association. In the early 20th century the Chaiwallas rebelled again the strictures of their oppressors and made the drink their own with the addition of rich spices. Despite the East India Company’s attempt to quash this sedition, Masala Chai, a richly spiced milky tea, spread throughout Asia and is now enjoyed around the world in a dazzling array of varieties featuring a cornucopia of spices.

Chai Rebellion is a beer inspired by Masala Chai and brewed in collaboration with hospitality legend Sammy Akuthota, proprietor of Auckland’s Satya Chai Lounge. This white stout is thick, rich and creamy with layers of spice from generous additions of Ginger, Cardamom and Mace. This is backed up by sweetness from the addition of Lactose while dry CTC Black Tea adds authentic tea character with a light tannic bitterness to balance.

2x Small Gods x Known Unknown / Agnostos Theos - Chardonnay Brut Sparkling Ale - 5% 330ml Bottle
In ancient Greece the great pantheon of gods accounted for the preponderance of worship and prayer. It was known however that there were forces and powers that were unknown. For this the Greek gave up prayers to an unknown god, or Agnostos Theos whose humble shrine currently stands in the Palatine Museum in Rome.

Agnostos Theos is a collaboration by the wild and Lo-Fi wine specialists at New Plymouth's Known Unknown wine. This Chardonnay Brut Sparkling Ale was fermented with Chardonnay grape juice and aged on the skins for a deep and satisfying character. On the nose it bursts with a bright floral Chardonnay bouquet rounded out with a moderate dose of vinious Nelson Sauvin hops. On the palate a spritzy carbonation and dry finish make this a complex and quaffable session beer.

2x Small Gods x Three Sisters / Lion's Tooth - Dandelion & Burdock Porter - 5.5% 330ml Bottle
In the halycon meadows of a pastoral England that never really existed, spritely and energetic children would adventure and play amongst the wildflowers. At the end of a day’s joyful frolics their thirst would be quenched by Dandelion and Burdock as they lounged in the sun, suffused with the warm glow of a carefree summer.

Lion’s Tooth is a Dandelion and Burdock Porter. Brewed with Dandelion, Burdock, Star Anise and Meadowsweet this English take on classic style features smooth roast and coffee characters from the dark malt mingling beautifully with lifted herbal notes.

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Glenn Selwyn


Eric Crampton
A new favourite brewery

Small Gods make damned good beer, and I'd not have found them but for the subscription. Thanks!

Great taster of Small Gods range

A great way to sample the small gods options and add some variation to your fridge

Luke Andrews

Excellent beer all round awesome.