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Outlier Cartel / From Such Great Heights 4.5% - 355ml Can

$6.00 NZD

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$6.00 NZD

‘I’ve got this massive crate of Zuckermelonen,whatever shall we do with them?’, Carmichael pondered. ‘Let’s make the happiest beer in the world!’ Herbie squeed with delight. ‘How does one make such a happy beverage?’ asked Carmichael. Herbie pointed to the towering diving platform with a devilish glint in his eye. With great aplomb, Herbie released the cantaloupes from such great heights which produced an explosion of ripe, orangey jumble of fruity bits below. Carmichael followed each descent with his looking glass until its deep, gratifying thud to the earth.With great glee he thought, ‘Now I know how to make the happiest beer in the world!’

Style: IPA