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One Drop are legendary in Australia for their incredible sours. These incredible sours range from light, bright Berliner Weisse to thick and viscous Nitro Sorbet! These beers have to be tasted to be believed and you can get an awesome $15 off by picking up this mixed case!

This is a chance to try a delicious selection from a rare and exciting brewery. Check out the stunning beer list below!

Double Mango Passionfruit Sorbet Sour - 7.2% - 440ml Can
A topped up to the brim, fruit-filled kettle sour that's been given our full Milkshake Treatment®.
Big tart creamy globs of lactose and oats smother our classic kettle sour base but not before we dose in passionfruit good good by the drum load, boxes of mango chunks, and sneaky sorbet base. A big dose of Amarillo in the whirlpool for tropical dreamy pleasure. Its like summer’s day most delicious treat. Fruity, Creamy, Tart, and Delicious. You could have it for lunch. Or dont. Or do. Hey, you just do you.

Imperial Cherry Slushie Sour - 10.5% 440ml Can
" Our imperial kettle sour base with a double dose of cherry skins and puree. Our acetic blend gives a twisted kiss of tartness, backed up by a kiss of fresh lemon and lime juice, all tie this slushy sour together like the local soda shop use to do. Thick. Decadent. Over the top. With fresh juice added during the canning process, expect this little number to be literally jam-packed to the brim. "

Guava Strawberry Sour - 7.4% 440ml Can
A special Berliner Weisse with fresh and juicy doses of Guava & Strawberry.
It is a traditional Berliner base heavy in malted wheat and barley, with a novel blend of 2 different bacteria, then fermented out with a unique yeast strain.
Double the load of Guava and Strawberry which commingle with a solid acidity, giving gentle hits of tropical guava with a sweet, full and fresh strawberry finish.

We Jammin - Mango, Guava, Banana, Vanilla Smoothie Sour - 6.2% 440ml Can
This here is a topped-up-to-the-brim kettle sour that's been given our full Fresh-Fruit Smoothie Treatment. If you love fruit, beer, good times and lactose, then this one is for you. Obscene amounts of Mango, Guava, and Banana are added and backed up in full by kisses of Tahitian Vanilla. Fear not, Lactose Santa has been to sprinkle the goods on top - with a sack full of lactose, Multi-Stacked Oats™, and a sneaky ol’ bag of Icing Sugar!

Dragonfruit, Kiwifruit and Peach Berliner Weisse - 5.75% 375ml Can
"Beer and Friendship. What a combo. Made with our pals at Cascade Brewing in Portland, Oregon for the inaugural Carwyn Cellars Collaborational 2020. A Fruited Weiss Style Ale with Dragon fruit, Kiwi, and Peach. A tart acidity from the kiwi, and a softening of it by the peach, help round out and give a balanced fullness to the palate while allowing the dragon fruit to shine. Two selected types of Lactobacillus and a special Acetic blend give a complex but complementary sourness to this celebration of beer & friendship beyond borders."

Single O - Cascara Sour - 3.8% 375ml Can
From the postcode of 2019, Botany local bevvie businesses, One Drop Brewing Co & Single O have put their heads & palates together to create this refreshing quencher to celebrate Single O turning 18! It’s tart & fruity, thanks to the addition of coffee in the form of Cascara; the dried skins of the coffee fruit. A sweet Botany neighbour collab, producing a Sour beer for thirsty folk everywhere.

Run Wit It - Citrus Radler - 4% 440ml Can
"Light, bubbly, and super sessionable. A Radler inspired, champagne-like sour ale championing the best parts of our house Lactobacillus culture - bright lemon, tart lime, and juicy grapefruit - infused with whole pulped lemon and lime – pith, peel, juice, and all. Citrus oils from skin and zest, along with the addition of fresh juice, give a deep and balancing fresh hit, with tart notes and a little bitterness on the finish. The perfect spring tinnie. Brewed in collaboration with our long time pals at Gipsy Hill Brewing Company in London, UK as part of a home and away series."

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