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Buxton & Stillwater. Superluminal
Sour Pale Ale | 7% | England & USA | RateBeer 96%
A smash of sour and hoppy flavours from two legendary intercontinental breweries. Mouth puckering lemon tartness goes surprisingly well with the heavy Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe hopping. As well as lemon and hops, there's a farmhouse wet-hay funk and sweet honey notes.

Magic Rock & Lervig. Farmhouse IPA
Farmhouse IPA | 6% | England & Norway | RateBeer 92%
Here we have combined our love of hops and funky flavours to make this farmhouse style IPA. Belgian yeasts and brettanomyces will make this beer more and more spicy over time. Enjoy today or stick in the cellar!

Buxton. Pale- Pale Simcoe Amarillo Southern Cross
Pale Ale | 5.2% | England | RateBeer 76%
A hazy orange-bodied beer with robust tropical fruit, and malt notes. On the tongue, Buxton Pale offers a big fruity mango and citrus palate with crisp bitters and a bright acidity that lift the grapefruit and tropical hops tones, culminating in a deliciously characterful, bitter finish.

Birra del Borgo. 25 Dodici
Winter Ale | 8.5% | Italy | RateBeer 89%
Our Christmas ale. Warm and enveloping, with a nice dried fruit nose, particularly of raisins and nuts. The mouth feel starts with caramel and chestnut honey notes and then lead torwards fruity notes of cherries and blackcurrant.

BrewFist. Spaceman
West Coast IPA | 7% | Italy | RateBeer 95%

West Coast style IPA with Citra, Columbus and Simcoe hops. Golden colored beer produced in the tradition of West Coast IPA. Dry but very aromatic and well balanced by alcohol. The three varieties of hops used give a bouquet of aromas which stand in the exotic fruit and citrus.

To Øl. Hundelufter Bajer
Session IPA | 5% | Denmark | RateBeer 88%

A tropical-fruit forward Seassion IPA from To Øl, made for their friends at the Barking Dog in Copenhagen. Carl, the owner of the Barking Dog, requested an IPA as much Mosaic hops as the brewers could fit in the beer - and that's exactly what Carl got! Peach, apricot, pineapple and orange squash in equal measures, with a touch of earthy, leafy hops sat at the centre.

BrewFist & To Øl. Space Frontier
IPA | 6.5% | Italy & Denmark | RateBeer 84%
Citra & Mosaic hopped IPA with grape must added. Sweet, floral hop aroma, soft fruits like peach and light maltiness. Big citrus hop flavour with a touch of unusual juicy fruit, white grape skin.

Birra del Borgo. KeTo Reporter
Porter | 5.2% | Italy | RateBeer 80%
A porter infused with Kentucky cigar tobacco leaves. A dark, impenetrable dark beer with a very rich nose, offering toast, tobacco, spices and nutmeg. Flavours of toasted malt with a light acidity and the tobacco that gives almost peppy tones. Very long, complex finish especially accounting for the (relatively) low alcohol content.

De Ranke. XX Bitter
Belgian Ale | 6% | Belgium | RateBeer 95%
A very weighty beer, aggressively brewed to be the hoppiest in Belgium. It is first of all remarkably hoppy – and it persists in its hoppiness unto the bitter end – but it does not want for balancing maltiness. In the middle is a “barnyard” Brettanomyces yeast character that is very reminiscent of Orval in its heyday.

BrewFist. La Trinidad El Vasco
Barleywine | 11.7% | Italy | RateBeer 92%
An English style barleywine aged for a year in Porto barrels. Magnificent  We're not sure there's anything else to say.

Thornbridge. Eldon
Imperial Stout | 8% | RateBeer 95%
Eldon starts slowly- it takes time for your tastebuds to come to terms with the complex flavours within this mouth coating, smooth bodied beer. What begins as a regular (if delicious), roasty but perhaps one dimensional stout opens up to deliver a huge range of flavours. The 8% imperial stout has ashy, coffee bitterness which is countered by the addition of Demerara sugar to the brew and mellowed by raging on Bourbon soaked oak. Flavours to explore as the beer warms and develops include vanilla, chocolate and fudge.

Buxton. SPA
Special Pale Ale | 4.1% | RateBeer 86%
A light, refreshing, hoppy pale ale. A showcase for the incredibly aromatic North American hop – Citra. It has a lovely citrus aroma, with juicy fruit flavours in the mouth. Medium bitterness.
Due to Buxton's 9 month best before dates and a mix-up with our 
shipment- this beer is past date. So we're throwing this one in for free. We tried one at the weekend and think it tastes great 🍻