Bootleg / Bourbon Stout 7.9% - 440ml Can

by Bootleg
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Moonshine Whiskey made in Stills
Hid in the Appalachian hills
Troops were sent to quell the Whiskey rebellion
Junior Johnson was a bloody stallion
If we can’t outrun the law empty, then you wont outrun them full
You might well not empty your still!
Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina to Chicago & New York
Your only breaking the law if you get caught
Lose a race go home, lose a run go to jail
The Cartels ain’t paying your county bail.
Lead burns red
Makes you dead
Lead foot straight from the pot
Do anything to avoid the authorities lead shot
You get hit by that
You ain’t coming back.
That’s Moonshiner logic 101
Remember buy independent - now we’re done.

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