Best of British - Mixed Case

$95.00 NZD
The British Real Ale has a rich and storied history. Packed with rich and layered, malt forward flavour profiles these easy drinking ales are as traditional as it gets.

Explore a world of delicious and subtle flavours with our Best of British mixed case.

This is a rotating selection and the photograph may differ from the contents received as the box is constantly updated with new and interesting beers.

Note: You may receive up to 2 units of each beer in the box or 4 units if ordering a 24 pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brett Young
Great way to get some variation

Love trying some British beers as spent some time there many years ago as a pub bar tender.

English beers

Great range of Interesting beers. Well put together range that I could not do myself.

Julian Nye
Great all round selection

Great beer, great taste and variation........terrific beers in actual fact!

Rupert Morrish
Excellent selection of English beers

I am someone who loves English beers enough to have been on the committee of my local CAMRA branch. This is an excellent selection of bottled beers.

Peter Dixon
Great mix

I really enjoyed this case. There were no sour beers or other weirdos!! A great mix of the classic British beers, including stout, and well known ales.There were some interesting ones, such as the banana bread beer! Thoroughly recommend it. I hope it is not a one off