Behemoth / Impeachment 2 7% - 440ml Can

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"Well just when we thought we were safe from doing another f%$king Trump beer all this shit happens. As I write this, Trump is gone, Impeached in the Congress AGAIN! But the senate still couldn't get the 2/3 majority needed. Sigh. But I do sincerely hope this is ACTUALLY the
last time we do a damn Trump beer. At least we don't have to hear about
his damn tweets anymore. Anyhow this time we have amped this beer
up, a bit boozier and using Oregon grown peaches to show how most of
America will not stand for inciting insurrection by encouraging his
Trump muppets to storm the Capitol...January 6th 2021 was not the best
start to the year. But here is to it getting better from here!"
- Behemoth Brewing

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Dexter DexterMorgan

Crisp, tart, sour. A good sour as introduction of a regular beer drinker to the world of sours. Thirst quenching, refreshing - just peachy.