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You can download Beer Jerk Explanation Notes and Gift Note Templates for gift boxes here

• Never drink the same beer twice
• Get the story behind the beer and brewery every week
• Exclusive early access to special limited edition boxes
• $8.50 a week
• Free Shipping
• Delivery across New Zealand
• Cancel any time

Beer Jerk members are part of an online beer club. Club members receive a subscription box of truly unique beers every 12 weeks. Each Thursday, Beer Jerks around the country drink one beer and talk about it online. The next week we do the same again, with a different awesome beer.

Of course, you could just drink all the beers at once. We're not the police of your house. We just think everybody will have more fun if they stick to the rules and have organised fun.

Beer Jerk memberships are a 12 week recurring subscription.


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 **NOTE** If we have seen unexpected numbers of new members, it is possible that we will need to swap one beer in your first box. The replacement will still be a great beer but it just means that some new Beer Jerks will drink a different beer to other members in a particular week. This can only every happen for your 1st box as once you are a member we account for you exactly for all future box deliveries.

*Beers in product image are indicative only of the type and mix of beers in a box and does not represent the exact box contents.