Arrogant Consortia / Enter Night Metallica Pilsner 5.7% - 473ml Can

$75.00 NZD
Brewed with Metallica in California.

Available as Singles, 6,12 and 24 Packs

In the words of Arrogant Consortia:

" It’s on. It’s time to get started. To crank things up. To get loud.

That thumping you feel in your chest isn’t your imagination. It’s your heart. It’s life. It’s the rockin’ tunes. It’s your inspiration wanting to break out. It ain’t gonna sit there waiting, so mutherf**king grab it.

This is a Collaboration in the truest sense between two entities that were born on the fringes. We’ve navigated life from a different perspective. We imagined things differently from what they were, and set about using our art to change the world according to our vision. We started being misunderstood by many, and loved by few. Today that’s the same...but that ‘few’ has become ‘more.’ A LOT more. That’s you, my friend, and we’re stoked you’re with us on this journey.

The day is winding down. It’s time to get started. No more waiting. It’s time to get LOUD. It’s time to Enter Night. "

Customer Reviews

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metallica rule

bear jerk where great,the beer was a bit bitter for my taste but i got the cans for others and my ca collection thanks,cherrs

Pretty good for a pilsner

Not my favourite type of beer, but this seems a good version of. Bought it as a bit of a help-out after Metallica concert cancelled and left these good buggers with too much. Least I could do. Probably 3.5 out of 5 for me.

Beer Jerk makes drinking Metallica beer easy as!

Not only do I love MetallicA more than life itself, I now have a new found love for Beer Jerk! Really easy to order online and delivery was quicker than expected. What I would like to see is the option to pick up, so I can get my beer quicker! 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Epic “Enter Night”

Excellent fast service and the “Enter Night” Pilsner was like nothing else I have ever tasted!! Very happy with my purchase 🤘