Cold Shipping

Get your order shipped cold with a chilltainer and ice pack to receive your beers in the best possible condition. Just click "ship it cold" once you get to the shipping options at checkout.

Only $3 Extra

Craft beer is a live product which suffers degradation in the presence of oxygen, light and heat. The brewers and the packaging take care of the first two so we've stepped up to look after the last one.

Request cold shipping at checkout (it's an option on the very last screen before confirmation) to receive your order in a special chilltainer boxes designed to keep heat out and cold in for only $3 extra.

We also include an ice pack to keep your beer as cold as possible.

Since the beer is out of our hands once it leaves our warehouse we cannot guarantee that the beer will arrive cold but we do promise that we will give it the best possible opportunity to.

We ship our beers on the latest possible courier available to us each day to ensure it spends as little time as possible between our fridges and yours.