Earn Bottlecaps

By collecting Bottlecaps* from Beer Jerk you can earn discounts on beers and mixed cases across our store. It's easy! Just sign up below and start saving.

- If you create an account or sign in before you purchase, you'll earn Bottlecaps with your beer order. -

- Bottlecaps are the currency of the future that reward you every time you buy a beer. -

- The housing market is for millionaires, cryptocurrency makes no sense and NFT's are destroying the planet, invest in Bottlecaps! -

- To check your balance and redeem rewards just click the blue Bottlecaps button in the bottom left of your screen! -

Spend and Save

Earn one Bottlecap for every $1 spent on our online store or at The Fridge & Flagon.


Each Bottlecap is worth $0.05 to spend on future Beer Jerk purchases.

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend and you'll each receive a $10 voucher when they place their first order.**

Exclusive Offers!

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*Please note Beer Jerk Bottlecaps are digital tokens and not physical objects and cannot be used as currency in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.
** Existing member discounts will be in the form of 200 bottlecaps.