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The team at Auckland’s Small Gods brewery have brewed up the ultimate Christmas gift for beer fans looking to push the boundaries of what great beer can be. These three festive themed beers are like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Loaded up with traditional Christmassy ingredients and decked with fabulous Santa art.

While us Kiwis are lucky enough to enjoy summertime holidays, we still think Christmas calls for the deep, complex flavours of roasted malts, baking spices, and really good chocolate. These dessert beers are a hearty treat, with all natural flavours of Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding and Chocolate Coconut Snowball. The Small Gods team and their collaborators took as much inspiration from bakers as brewers using ingredients like Cocoa, Golden Syrup, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coconut, Raisins and Nutmeg to deliver a huge, nostalgic flavour hit. As if that wasn’t enough these unique beers have been fortified with Rum, Brandy and Port and with ABV’s averaging at over 11% they will put a warming glow on the end of any decadent Christmas dinner.

Small Gods is a brewing project dedicated to collaborative, historical and experimental brewing. The small gods team aim to keep history alive by bringing ancient beer styles and fascinating legends to light with a modern twist. Small gods are known for their striking, artistic packaging, taking out the packaging award at the 2021 brewers guild awards for their trilogy of satan inspired beers.

Molly Rose is a small brewery embracing the way that beer can bring people together to enjoy great times. Led by founder and brewer Nic Sandery whose one goal is to bring a diverse range of beer to as many wonderful people as possible.

Moon Dog are an iconic Melbourne brewery who are celebrating 10 years of crafting bloody delicious beers that are fun and a little bit different

Old St Nick
Small Gods X Molly Rose
Christmas Cake Imperial Stout
440ml Can

He sees you when you’re sleeping. The old man watches from the foot of the bed, bedecked in chimney-stained red and white, judging and weighing the value of your soul. Normally you’d call it home invasion when someone breaks into your house like that. I guess the fact that he’s bearing gifts grants a certain amount of leniency. Have you been good though? What if you’re found wanting? You might reach into your stocking to find your hands tarnished with ashes and soot, the weight of your sins bearing down upon you. St Nicholas’ judgment laid before you.

But if you’ve been nice, and proven yourself worthy, this can of joy is for you. Brewed in collaboration with our mate Nic Sandery at Molly Rose brewing this is a Christmas Cake Imperial Stout. Reminiscent of a traditional Jamaican Black cake, we’ve loaded up this beer with Golden Syrup, Candied Peel, Dark Rum, Port, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Allspice and Tonka Beans. We employed a massive double mash technique to cram in as much flavour and richness as possible. Layers of pungent spice and sticky dark fruit mingle with a boozy molasses note from the Rum and Golden Syrup, all laid over a nutty and chocolatey malt base packed with Rye, Oats, Wheat, Chocolate, Crystal and Caramel malts.

Kris Kringle
Small Gods X MoonDog
Christmas Pudding Barleywine
440ml Can

He knows when you’re awake. Until you settle in for your long nap, draw down the sash and close the shutters he waits patiently. You never see him sneak into your living room to drink the brandy and eat the cookies left by the fireplace, nevertheless, in the morning they’re gone. Kris Kringle has dashed away like the down of a thistle, leaving behind the remnants his of conspicuous consumption. The sweet pile of presents lifts your spirits enough to balance out the bitter job of cleaning his footprints out of the carpet.

Brewed in collaboration with our good friends at Moon Dog this is a Christmas Pudding Barley Wine. Be transported to late nights at a dark English Christmas table where the fire from a brandy-soaked pudding illuminates the feast, waiting to be piled high with lashings of brandy butter. Kris Kringle is brewed with Raisins, Currants, Candied Peel, Brandy, Nutmeg and Star Anise. A richly spiced and fruity beer with a deceptively light tough to the malt base. The flavour is a layered melange of spicy and herbal notes backed up by an assertive bitterness and long, lingering alcohol warmth.

Santa Santa Santa
Small Gods
Chocolate Coconut Snowball Stout
440ml Can

He knows if you’ve been bad or good. It’s kind of creepy actually, if you think about it. He’s in your house, poking around, looking at your stuff. He might have a twinkle in his eye, merry dimples and shake when he laughs like a bowlful of jelly but don’t let appearances fool you. He knows exactly what you asked for, even if you didn’t write him a letter and he has a comprehensive list of your activities. Where is he getting his information? Does he work at Google, Facebook or the GCSB? And anyway, how did he get in my house? I don’t even have a chimney! It’s all deeply suspicious if you ask me. But who cares? He’s Santa and that means you get free stuff…don’t ask questions.

Santa Santa Santa is the first Small Gods beer brewed without any collaborators, which is an exciting milestone for us. Brewed to emulate a classic Christmas Chocolate Coconut Snowball, this Imperial Stout is loaded with irresponsible amounts of Cocoa, Coconut, Vanilla and White Rum. Featuring a ridiculous base of 8 different malts and boiled for 5 hours, Santa Santa Santa is a decadently sweet, rich, layered chocolatey beer with beautifully integrated coconut and a huge viscous mouthfeel. Despite appearances this beer is most definitely not suitable for kids.

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Callum Francis
Better than xmas

This is an odd bunch of beers and at first I was hesitant. BUT they are well worth the risk, each brew is unique and amazing in its own way.

Roger Hubbard

Quick delivery. Enjoying the great beers! Love it.

The Santa Selection

A brilliant trio that truly captured the Christmas essence. The Barley wine was a close rendition to my favorite style of Quads, the stout was full of xmas flavours and was a real treat, I wasn't too fond of Santa Santa Santa's overpowering coconut finish however all tie into a nice trio. World class!!!