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$85.00 NZD




$85.00 NZD

Our monthly subscription box features beers from around NZ and the world in a range of different styles. And you can drink them whenever you damn well please. The selection will be of interesting, limited or hard-to-find beers. The beers are generally different to the ones that feature as Beer Of The Week in our classic subscription (see classic subscription here)

Here’s what you get in the monthly box:

  • A box of 10 great beers shipped to you each month
  • 5 different beers (so you get 2 of each in your box)
  • Tailored to your taste (see below)
  • A beer menu with brief notes on each beer
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery across New Zealand
  • Cancel any time 
  • Access to the closed members Facebook group


What do you mean its 'tailored to my taste'? We have 3 choice options for the monthly box depending on what type of beer you enjoy.  Simply select which one you want at checkout. You can always change this option later on if you want.

1. Light and Hoppy - this includes styles like IPA, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Lager, APA, Bitter, Red IPA, Cream Ale, Wheatbeer etc

2. Exotic Stuff - this includes styles like Stout, Barley Wine, Gose, Saison, Sour, Tripel, Scotch Ale, Lambic, Berliner Weisse and other craft beers that defy conventional styles including unusual adjuncts such as chilli, coffee, tamarillo…

3. Mixed box - this includes a broad range across all styles

Note: Like people, beers are often difficult to pigeonhole. We’ll occasionally come across a beer (such as a Blood Orange IPA) that we think all three groups will love.

When will I receive my beer?
Your first box will ship asap after you first signup, usually within a week (we have to plan your beer). Your second box will ship in the last week of the following month and every subsequent box will ship in the last week of the month.

Are the beers different to the ones in the classic Beer Jerk box?
Yes, generally, although we may include some old favourites from time to time.

Is there a chance I may get the same beer again at some point in the future?
Yes, there is a small chance that this may happen. If you want to 'Never Drink The Same Beer Twice' then take a look at our classic subscriptions here.

I've got an idea.
PLEASE drop us an email. Your feedback is really important and we really appreciate it when people take the time to get in touch with ideas, opinions and feedback- both positive and negative. Especially negative!

Note - the product image is indicative of the type of beer you will receive.

Please note: This is a monthly recurring membership subscription to Beer Jerk. We will select and send you 10 awesome beers in each box (5 unique beers, 2 of each). Every month we will collect payment of $85 and will send you the next 10 awesome beers. This will repeat every month until such time as you decide to cancel the subscription with us.

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