Beer #291 - Yeastie Boys / White Noise - Black Noise

Beer #291 - W/C 14 September 2020

BREWERY // Since they launched in Wellington in 2008, the Boys - Stu McKinlay & Sam Possenniskie - have done things their way with possibly the most eclectic core range (beers made with Earl Grey tea, orange blossom and 100% peat smoked malt) in the country. They raised half a million dollars in 30 minutes in 2015 which led to intercontinental expansion and the contract brewery now simultaneously makes beer in Australia, England and Auckland. Fritha Burgin (who happens to be married to Stu) is the 
Yeastie Boys' art director creating the unique designs and branding from their 'office' which also serves as their family dining table.

BEER // Remixing recipes is nothing new to Yeastie Boys, they've been tweaking recipes and releasing the delicious results forever. White Noise was first brewed 6 years ago when Stu decided to create a beer that his beer-adverse wife would enjoy. Fritha's dislike of beer is based on an antipathy for bitter flavours so White Noise uses almost no bitter hops, instead it incorporates chamomile and orange zest which give a light, floral complexity with a dry finish. The heavy use of wheat in the maltbill gives the beer a full, rounded mouthfeel with a dense fluffy head. Black Noise is a very clever remix of the original - it looks completely different but is a complimentary beer. Dark malted barley, wheat and oats give it a deep black colour and big body but with minimal roastiness. Orange Oolong tea and orange zest were used in Black noise which add delicate, complex aromas and flavour.

BREWERY // Yeastie Boys
BEER // White Noise & Black Noise
STYLE // White Beer & Black Ale
ORIGIN // Concepted in London. Brewed in Auckland
ABV //  Both are 4.4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - around 10C
FOOD MATCH // Raw Crustaceans. Mushroom Risotto. Omelette with Sharp Apple & Goats Cheese.
VESSEL // Tulip
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