Beer #115 - Dr's Orders / Tonic

Beer #115 - W/C 8 May 2017

BREWERY // Doctor's Orders is a 'Cuckoo Brewery' based in Sydney and they're specifically focussed on producing beers in interesting historical or rare styles, often incorporating unexpected ingredients. New Zealander Darren Robinson is 'The Doc' and you can watch a great interview about his story HERE. Doctors Orders started in 2009 after The Doc's chocolate hazelnut porter won a home-brew competition. Since then, he has been brewing beers seasonally incorporating ingredients such as squid ink and rhubarb.

BEER // 
Back in 2014 The Doc got together Yeastie Boys to create a beer with the Wheaty Brewing Corps in Adelaide. The inspiration for Tonic was gin and tonic and they quickly decided to incorporate cinchona bark as a bittering agent instead of hops. The cinchona makes for a very dry beer and, as there are no hops, it is actually a Gruit. Tonic also incorporates orange peel, juniper berries, lemon myrtle and coriander to make for a real gin, tonic and witbier mash-up. It can be drunk 'straight' or paired with gin. The Doc recommends blending Tonic with a shot of a citrus forward gin and sliver of cucumber.

Doctors Orders
Sydney, Australia
ABV //
Straight from the fridge
Smoked Salmon. Lamb Skewers. Onion Bhaji. Cucumber Sandwiches.
Wine Glass. Balloon


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