Beer #15 - Keystone Milk Stout / Townshend's

 Beer #15 - W/C 8 June 2015


Townshend's were named New Zealand's Champion Brewery 2014 by the Brewer's Guild of New Zealand. And with good reason. In the 10 years since Martin Townshend started his brewery, it has become unanimously respected as a source of excellent beer after excellent beer. Martin has eschewed trends and fancy marketing and stuck to crafting natural, honest beer the same way brewers have for centuries with the best possible ingredients. It helps that the brewery is situated in the heart on the NZ hop growing region and has access to water from an ancient aquifer.

Milk stouts are an extremely unfashionable beer. The style almost disappeared in the mid 20th Century and until the recent resurgence in popularity, the only connection drinkers might have of it would be a distant memory of their old British grandmother enjoying a small glass of Mackeson's Milk Stout. There is no actual milk in this beer but there is lactose- sugar derived from milk. This is an un-fermentable sugar meaning the brewing yeast does not convert it to alcohol and it retains its pleasing sweetness. Townshend's Keystone is a wonderful and modern take on the style- it has mild bitterness, big body, and a well balanced creamy, sweetness. Look out for chocolate, caramel and coffee flavours from the malt. Milk Stout was brewed by Martin Townshend's wife, Keri, at their brewery in Upper Moutere.

BREWERY // Townshend's
BEER // Milk Stout
STYLE // Milk Stout
ORIGIN // Nelson, New Zealand
ABV // 5.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 8-12C
FOOD MATCH // Roast seasonal vegetables. Potted crab. Chocolate tart with lavender creme.
GLASS // Nonic Pint, Dimpled Mug, Stein

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